Weekly Horoscopes May 27th - June 1st 🙌💕

By Marie Satori

Weekly Horoscopes May 27th - June 1st 🙌💕

Aries -  It’s time to make some important decisions about money and your career and where things are headed. Making some much needed adjustments wouldn’t be the worst thing. It’s time to figure out your life, stop putting it off. 

Taurus - Sometimes the worst thing you can do is make plans. This week is one of those times. Instead, let things fall into place on their own. You’ll probably be surprised at how it works out for you. If you start to get frustrated just take a deep breath and try to remember that at least for now, things are out of your hands. 

Gemini - Not everyone who seems to be cheering for you is in your corner. Be careful who you share your successes with, especially if you haven’t completely sealed the deal yet. On the bright side, you’re really shining this week and if you don’t get distracted you can get exactly where you want to be. 

Cancer - Family and friends need your attention this week moreso than usual and if you’re in a position to assist them it might not be a bad idea. While this might not be the most fun way to spend your week, they’ll definitely repay the favor. 

Leo - Some unexpected things this week will make you realize the potential certain situations have to improve your life. Take advantage of what’s right in front of you. If you’ve been unsure now is the time to stop putting it off. Sometimes you’ve just got to jump in and go for it. 

Virgo - The best way to not be disappointed is to not have unrealistic expectations. That doesn’t mean you can’t hope for the best but don’t expect things from people that are clearly out of their reach. That being said, you might end up being surprised by their effort. 

Libra - All in all, its going to be a good and pleasantly surprising week. Spending time with friends gets you out of the funk you’ve been in and is a nice break from reality. When you get back to life you’ll be ready to problem solve and improve hour situation. 

Scorpio - People who might have seemed like they were on hour side or who were sparking joy aren’t anymore and it’s time to figure out how to Kondo them right out the door. It may not be an overly pleasant experience but you’ll feel much more relaxed afterwards. 

Sagittarius - If you’ve been trying to make plans with old friends you haven’t seen in a while, the odds are in your favor this week.  You’ve been putting in a ton of work and it’s time to reap the rewards. Go live your best life. 

Capricorn - Money might be a little tight this week but don’t let it send you into a panic. Next week will be much better but for now, stay away from buying anything you don’t absolutely need and maybe brush up on some great recipes for...ramen. You’ve got this. 

Aquarius - People from your past night start popping up left and right this week. What you do with that is up to you. Don’t be afraid to block numbers or act like you’ve got amnesia if any of them are people you don’t want to talk to. Some will be a welcome surprise, others?  They define the phrase that it’s better to leave some things behind us. 

Pisces - A lot of stuff is happening for you this week from surprised to a few minor conflicts with friends or family. You’ll navigate through it all pretty seamlessly though so don’t panic just yet. On a positive note, by the end of the week your perspective on things will be much clearer and you’ll seem to know exactly where you’re going. 

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