20 steps to develop your intuition

By Marie Satori

First, you will need to accept the fact that you are naturally intuitive (having any type of psychic ability is not uncommon. In fact, science has proven that the majority of people only use approximately 10% of their brain).

Of course, like any ability, some are naturally born with a very strong intuitive sense while the rest of us fall somewhere else along the scale. Especially, if you haven't begun accessing your sixth sense potential. If you start with doubt and worry, it will take longer for you to see results. Like most new learned skills – relax and allow yourself to learn and see progress. The results and proof will soon follow.

20 steps to develop your psychic intuition

1. Trust yourself - your intuition is useless if you do not trust it. Most people want to trust their intuition, but are afraid to. "What if I'm wrong?". Trusting your intuition is a risk you will eventually have to take. Just as you took risks, making decisions for yourself as you entered adulthood.

2. Keep a journal - Every time you get a gut feeling, or sense – write it down. Don't think – don't censor - just write it. ... carry a small notebook with you, or jot it as a note into your iPhone. Read your notebook and see how often you are correct. You will be surprised, and have the evidence to prove to yourself. Keeping a journal also tells your subconscious to acknowledge that your intuition is important. If you trained yourself to ignore your intuition – keeping a journal will reverse this.

3. Heal your body – in order to access your intuition, you will need to be able to sense them – to do this you will need to balance your mind and body. If you’re not taking care of your body, how can you listen to it? Excessive drinking, smoking and other toxins to your system will compromise the signals your body is trying to send you. Are you receiving proper nutrition? Are you getting enough sleep? Be sensitive to what your body needs. The five sense additive is multitasking, and overloading our day, while a six-sensory attitude is to take care of your body, observe, and breathe.

4. Listen to your body - To listen to you intuition, is to first listen to your body. Your body is a six-sensory channel. If you are on the right path your body will reflect that. You will feel good, relaxed and peaceful. If, on the other hand, you're making poor choices that compromises or disrupt your psychic well-being, you body will communicate this as well – as stress, aches, sickness, pain or anxiety. If you listen to your body, and make the proper adjustments you will live a more stress-free state.

Psychical signals as intuitive feedback can be recognized as "gut feelings" - other people may feel chills on the arms, their stomach in knots, or clammy hands. Your body knows. Once you start paying attention to your body, you'll soon recognize how faithfully it keeps you informed. All it takes is your attention. If you feel sick every morning before going to work, perhaps it's telling you it's time to change jobs. If you get tired every time you meet a certain friend – it's possible that friend is a drain on you.

5. Remember to breathe – when we are stressed or fearful, we tend to hold our breath – which will cut us off from our higher self and our intuition. Being centered starts with breathing.

6. Visualize - Visualization techniques can be utilized throughout a psychic reading as well as in your daily life. In solitude, they form as a simple and powerful method of meditation. When you visualize something, you are not just using your imagination. Your thoughts consist of energies (recommended reading: The Secret, and The Law of Attraction). When you form a mental image in your mind, you are collecting energy into a form that may influence other energies in yourself: mind, spirit and body, or in other people.

As with all of these steps, if you tell yourself you cannot do something – it will be a challenge to achieve. To visualize is natural. As to dream is a common and natural practice. We do not remember our dreams, for our bodies are compromised and exhausted. Yes, if you can dream - you can visualize. It may just take you some time to feel comfortable doing so.

7. Getting Grounded – When a person is ungrounded, the rest of their energy may be all over the place. People who lose things frequently, who become hysterical or "hyper", who have trouble following direction, are often ungrounded. When you are ungrounded, you are much more vulnerable to becoming the effect of whatever or whoever is around you.

For example: if you are grounded and are visited by an ungrounded friend who is in a foul mood, your disposition may be replaced by your friend's crankiness. If you are ungrounded and driving – you may become irritable at all the other drivers who are in a hurry or in your way.

In addition to securing you to the earth and harnessing your energy – grounded is a very effective means of releasing negative energy – or energy that is no longer serving you. For example: anxiety, stress and unwanted though. Grounding can be done in any position. I suggest sitting, being that if you are planning on, in the future, offering intuitive readings – you will most likely be sitting.

8. Visualize a grounding cord. A strong rope, a column of light, a tree or waterfall, an extensions of your legs, etc. ... the grounding cord starts from you first chakra (located at the base of your spin). It extends down and connects you to the center of the earth. Whatever you are releasing drains out through your first chakra being pulled down your grounding cord with the help of the earth’s natural gravitational pull. Visualize what you are releasing reaching the center of the earth. It dissipates and returns to its original source.

If you feel you have difficulty grounding yourself, there are many other ways to get you grounded. The most easily accessible is exercise. Get back into your body. When you start to loose focus, take a good 15-20 minute brisk walk. Go to the gym, run, rock climb – activate your body and get the blood flowing. Exercise will clam you down and ground you. Being grounded gets your energy flowing – and quiets the internal dialogue.

9. Clear your mind - Meditation is a key to getting your mind where it needs to be so that you can be aware of the impressions. Not only does meditation help us tap into our intuitive voice, meditation reduces stress – and helps us feel peaceful and grounded.

It's important to mediate before performing a clairvoyant reading. If you mind is full – how could you possibly distinguish the intuitive information from all the other thought traffic? Sit calmly for 15 minutes and empty your brain of thoughts and worries. It may help you to write down your thoughts on paper, before beginning your meditation.

10. Pray - begin your meditation/reading with a prayer to help set the energy of your session and connect with the source of your information. Some people will prefer to use a structured prayer, while other may say a mantra or some simple words of gratitude. Any prayer that you like will work, when spoken with the proper intent.

11. Create your viewing screen - For clairvoyant information to be accessed, this information need a place to be displayed. Just as you view information on your computers monitor – you will need a viewing screen in order to view your clairvoyant images. With your eyes closed, focus your attention to your third eye (located at the middle of your forehead). To further help you focus, you can touch this point with your finger. If you are having difficulty drawing your attention to your third-eye, touch it. This action will immediately draw your focus to it.

Decide what your screen looks like. It can be a large projector screen, television, etc. Decide the color of the screen, does it have a border? Create your viewing screen. Once you have decided what your viewing screen looks like, any changes that occur to it – without your conscious manipulation - will be a result of the energy that is affecting it.

12. Ground your viewing screen - Just like you ground yourself with cord, you will do the same with your viewing screen. Imagine the grounding cord for your screen, such as a silver anchor, etc. connecting your viewing screen to the center of the earth.

13. Create a viewing receptacle – A viewing receptacle is like a container which receives or holds the information in the form of images and colors. The viewing receptacle will be directly affected by the energy so that its appearance will change. You will read the energy initially by watching to see how the receptacle is affected.

A viewing receptacle can be any neutral object: a bubble, flower, etc. Many clairvoyant programs suggest using a rose. The roses stem is a natural grounding cord. As well, a rose is an easy to visualize because it can be done so in an outline form, or with the full complexity of a living rose with petals and thorns. Roses also come in various shapes, colors and sizes. As well, the opening and closed position of the rose will also be read as energetic suggestions.

14. Visualize a crystal rose – visualize a crystal rose onto your viewing screen. The rose is neutral and transparent – it has no charge or meaning at this current moment. See the size and shape. This is your first viewing receptacle. Connect your rose to the center of the earth, and feel that the gravity of the earth is drawing down any unwanted energies from your rose.

15. Energize your rose with a question – Let’s start with a question that will energize our rose. You may want to ask about love and relationships, see if you will be reunited with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. You may also want to know if you'll get the job you applied for, etc. The answer to your questions will come in the form of energy. A clairvoyant reading is inviting this energy into your viewing receptacle – your rose. Then asking your viewing receptacle to show you the answer in the form of images and colors.

16. On your viewing screen create your neutral rose - Ground its stem into the earth, and study your rose for a minute. The rose represents something in your life that you would like to create, such as a career change, a lover, your past partner, etc. Before you conscious manipulate the rose in any way, watch the clear rose and notice what happens to it. How open is the rose? Does the color change? Is there a particular color? Is the rose healthy? Are there thorns?

Example: You are asking about re-uniting with a past partner. As you ask you question you visualized a vibrant red rose – which then slowly turns dry and brittle. This visualization suggests that at one time shared a very vibrant love. The love slowly ran its course, and over time the energy in the relationship dried up.

Being that the rose represents an aspect you would like to create in your life, you can breathe life to it in many ways. You can visualize that you are giving the rose to God/The Universe – and see what happens. You can send healing and positive energy to the rose.

17. Destroy your rose – Once you have finished, you can now destroy your rose. Destroy the rose by imaging that it is exploding into a million pieces, then draining itself down the viewing screen's grounding cord.

18. Knowingness – Knowledge may come to you on a knowing level or auditory level. It will snap into your head, like "this person is a twin." This is not clairvoyance, but rather an ability in your crown chakra called knowingness. It is instant information. I personally access my information from my crown chakra, more often than using clairvoyance. If need be, I'll back up the information I'm receiving in the form of a clairvoyant image.

19. Keeping a dream journal – Another way to access your intuition is to "sleep on it". If you are experiencing difficulties visualizing and grounding, you can access your intuition while you are sleeping. This allows you to bypass your doubts and insecurities. You will be more prone to listen to your intuition. If you are confronted with a situation, ask yourself to dream of the solution. Your mind will work on the answers as you sleep.

20. Practice often and have fun! - developing your intuition is like getting back on a bike. It can be challenging at times, fun and oftentimes practical.