2016 closing out the year, and welcoming 2017 with The Judgement Card

By Marie Satori

2016 closing out the year, and welcoming 2017 with The Judgement Card

What a interesting card to close out the year. Judgement suggests a period of self reflection and evaluation. In short, you maybe asking yourself, "how did I get here?" Some of you might find yourself in actual meditation, or just reflecting on your thoughts and actions of this past year. Overall, you're coming to a moment of a deeper understanding.

Some of you might have already noticed a recurring theme in your life - and one that you're not too eager to repeat or bring into the New Year. You'll start taking steps on breaking these patterns as you enter 2017. This is a bit deeper than just doing a New Year resolution. I'm talking about deep release of patterns: additions, victim mentality, excess spending, self doubt that brings on self-sabotage, behavior, toxic relationships, etc. This card suggest that you are at a place in your life that you need to be true to yourself; even if it brings discomfort for going against the norm - or the discomfort from others as they watch you change.

There is an awakening. Some of you maybe going through a profound transition (leap of faith - divorce, separation, moving to new or foreign cities, starting a new business or adoption). You might not be in your comfort zone, yet; and feel as if you're questioning faith and your own inner compass. Questioning yourself, would I have still made the same decision, because it doesn't look like what you imagined or it's more difficult than you thought. Give both yourself and it, the time that is needed. You have opened yourself to new possibilities, but life needs time to align and settle into place. You'll see this in 2017. 

With all of this said, you might feel like you are having a spiritual calling, step in. You enter 2017 with doubt from mistakes of 2015/2016, but also with a knowingness of change and self growth. You're entering a little shaky but with great hope. Happy New Year! My best to you, your inner guidance and journey.