April 2018 Outlook

By Marie Satori

April will be a month of transformation - external transformation (for those in the northern hemisphere) and internal (for those living in the souther hemisphere). For those welcoming Spring, you'll find yourself infused with new energy, which will in turn fuel you to take action and forward movement towards accomplishing your goals. Organizing and Spring cleaning will be on the agenda, as well as organizing your mind and which goals / tasks you're going to exert energy and focus. Many of you are looking to accomplish one major goal by the start of Summer. So the time is now for you to revisit and tweak any steps that are necessary. Remember, it's okay to change and revise your plan. You'll be finding yourselves wanting to reinvest & replacing clothing, furniture and items that are no longer functional. Or, to give yourself a new look & vibe - that is with yourself, and within your home. You'll find that you are a greater appreciate and detail for simplicity and beauty. Lastly, many of you will be revising your diet, eating lighter as the season changes; and gardening or learning to garden and cook your own foods - and finally feeling the energy to motivate to #moveyourself.

For those in the Southern hemisphere, as you begin your journey into the winter season - you'll also have a transformation, but this transformation will be an internal transformation. As you find yourself and your thoughts going inward this month. The majority of you will begin goal setting, and writing down what it is you hope to accomplish in the next two months, and instead of fully taking action on these goals - you'll find yourself sitting back and mentally playing out the scenarios on how to accomplish; creating visions boards; and any other mental brainstorming and research - prior to executing. You may find yourselves picking up book & researching on how to better manage finances and your time (time management). You'll find that April will be a very mentally stimulating time.

Overall, this will be a very productive month that will be a kick-off for a transformation to be seen and materialize in 2.5 - 3 months time. Many of you will reconnect with those, and seek those who are mentally inspiring and stimulating. You’ll be inspired by social accounts, and authors - in which you’ll gleam information and take what works - and incorporate it into your day-to-day life. All persons will be making choices on what fuels their passion, and revisiting how they would like their life to look like, from three months from now. This will be the month that ignites the spark - for some, it will be an internal flame, for others it will be the fire under their ass to get ya moving.

Xo - Marie

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