Aquarius New Moon - We are not meant to plant roots where we are not meant to grow.

By Marie Satori

Aquarius New Moon - We are not meant to plant roots where we are not meant to grow.

A digital workbook and 17 minute audio recording for the New Moon in Aquarius, Feb 4th


 We are not meant to plant roots in cities (or jobs) where we are not meant to grow.

This new moon in Aquarius is giving us a wake-up call. This is a time for us to take a pause, and replenish our resources. ... We can’t keep pushing to exhaustion, and trying to be the glue to hold together what isn’t working. New avenues need to be explored, and new habits are necessary.

New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed sign associated with breaking free of the confines of the status quo. Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, future minded in his thinking and ready to organize the masses to take on corrupt establishment. Anything the gets in the way of our inherent human freedoms will be challenged by Aquarius. Breakthroughs come as new insights bring awareness and take us to the edge of our tolerance. Anything that doesn’t align with our truth may suddenly break away, exposing the rebel within. 

However, we need to be careful with rebelling just for the sake of it. Uranus, the ruler of this New Moon, is in it’s last degree of fiery Aries, and conjunct Aries ruler, Mars, also in Aries. If Uranus wasn’t shocking enough on his own, Mars brings in impatience, frustration, but also determination and drive to protect our freedoms and get our needs met. The combination of this energy can be highly productive as we get clear and focused about what it is we want, but how we go about getting it is where it can become problematic. 

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