Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

By Lara AstroInsights

Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse 
24 Degrees Capricorn
July 16, 2:30pm PST

Saturn - ruler of Capricorn, in Capricorn
Full Moon conjunct South Node - South Node Eclipse 
Full Moon Conjunct Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn
Full Moon Opposite Venus in Cancer and Mercury in Leo
Venus Opposite Saturn 
Venus Conjunct North Node

We’ve all been feeling lots of changes, emotional ups and downs, endings and new beginnings. Making plans for the future, while clearing out the past. Eclipse season demands that we make changes, and sometimes changes are forced upon us. The Cancer / Capricorn Eclipse themes are around home, family, ancestry, emotional awareness, support, security, and the balancing of needs, along with work, success, responsibility, maturity, limitations, commitments, and karmic ties.

This Capricorn Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse, and is combined with Mercury retrograde which is asking us to look back and heal our generational patterns and emotional conditioning so we can mature forward. This eclipse is also strongly influenced by a conjunction to Pluto and Saturn, asking us to look at power dynamics and limitations in our work and home environment. Any area where you feel like you aren’t empowered or in control and authority of your life and your choices, is coming up to be looked at. 

Pluto unearths our shadow, the places we default to others opinions, rules, choices, and Saturn shows us where we are limiting ourselves in our own evolution forward. These to dynamic planets, along with the South Node, are bringing up karmic stories of fear, unworthiness, disempowerment. Even if we are moving forward and accepting promotions, or heading into parenthood, the unknown of these situations can bring up insecurities and doubts that we all face. Now is the time to face and heal our shadow so we can bring a new Self into this next phase of life. 

Venus is also closely connected to this Eclipse, in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, and Conjunct the North Node. Commitments to our family, to our work, to our own needs and desires is the focus. There may be questions in these areas of our lives. Are we feeling supported enough? Loved enough? Confident enough? It may feel like a very internal time even though life is demanding a lot of us in the external work at the moment. But make sure to take time to sit with these questions if they are arising for you. Venus/Saturn may also bring up challenges in love relationships as we face abandonment issues and fear of intimacy or commitments. This is a time to look closely at what is and isn’t working in your relationships, work and intimate, and talk about how to find some common ground. Venus/Pluto reminds us that love is intense and sometimes painful, but through trust and loving connection we can transcend the drama and trauma. Possessiveness, betrayals, abusive behavior won’t be tolerated as we find our strength and courage to let go of toxic and dysfunctional relationship dynamics. 

We are still strongly influenced by three planets and the North Node in Cancer right now and while we may be feeling more emotional and insecure than usual, this will pass soon. Next week on the 22nd the Sun enters Leo and joins Mars. And on the 27th Venus will be joining them too. We will begin to feel the shift from internal focus to external inspiration and confidence. Take this time to allow yourself to be internal, nestling in your home and your emotional landscape, and don’t feel guilty about it. Look at what’s coming up for you as a guiding light to what you need to heal and release to reach the next stage of empowerment.

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