Death & The Devil : A deeper understanding of the tarot

By Marie Satori

Death & The Devil : A deeper understanding of the tarot

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If you selected a card for Tarot Tuesday, May 14th, this is the reveal. Please listen to the full audio descriptions.

Left - Death
Right - The Devil



Affirmations for Death

  • I approach change fearlessly and with gained knowledge. 
  • I am allowed to let go of the past.
  • I allow my thoughts to evolve.

What Is Death? Death is the unknown. It is life and it is change. It is when we engage in the process of transformation; be it physical, emotional, mental or energetic. Death is an evolution, a doorway to the unknown. While in this combined process of change and facing the unknown, the energy can feel unsettling. This unsettling energy is present to further shake up the foundation of the old; for something else to emerge and break through. 

So when we think of death, not only is there change - there is imagination. This imagination of manifestation. New thoughts and concepts can pass through us. Yet it requires an evolution. A passing away of older thought forms, and foundations. Navigating tough times of transition and the unknown are learning experiences and allow us to be challenged and rise up. 

Affirmations for The Devil

  • No one can “make” me act out of my character.
  • I choose ____ over _____.
  • I will see everyone that I meet as who they are.
  • I act in my own power.

The devil is oftentimes associated with Pan the Greek god of access and oftentimes this access is our own internal thinking we have taken something that is possibly positive or neutral the situation and we have thought it or who are thinking it into such an extreme that it's no longer positive it's a major distraction or it becomes an obsession.

So something that could be positive, we're turning it into something negative by overstimulating or misunderstanding the original idea of the original source. We can translate this spark or Source, as the Universal Source. So the devil is this creative power of ungoverned by law. If we follow the Universal Law (Gods law) of his own being is Love. So when we talk about the Universe we talk about love. The devil is ungoverned. Which is Love that we're misunderstanding or materializing. It's this energy that at the core is positive and Love, turned negative.

When we act in alignment with our true self, we are on the correct path and obstacles are diminished. If we allow ourselves to become confused by adjusting to others’ belief systems, or over indulging in our own thinking, we can cause friction to our progress forward.