Full Moon & May 29th Tarot Tuesday

By Marie Satori

Tarot Tuesday

Left / 8 of Cups - Sometimes we find ourselves having to walk away from a situation which is left unresolved (this could be a dream, relationship, job / career, firing an employee / mentee, ending business, degree, construction or home). A situation where you find yourself needing to cut losses before even more time is sunk into a "no winning" or unbalanced situation. You may have just recently "ended" something, or still mulling over the decision - and finding both your voice and the timing to do so. Ask yourself, if this situation continued as in, 6 months from now, with no improvement would continuing & investing your energy (be it emotional, mental, physical or a mix of all) be destructive to your own development in some way? Overall, if you're attracted to this card, you could be feeling temporarily down, or defeated with needing to make this decision - but know that there is real strength required to know when to cut losses. Life and success do require necessary endings. If you have been feeling guilty for letting go, what happens inside you? What fears emerge? How can you address them? If you are holding on to hope, is it rational and objective, or just a defense against confronting the uncomfortableness of the situation. Take the time to process your emotions and thoughts around this - journal if necessary. For some, this ending is teaching you what doesn't work, so you can take what does work, and all the learnings and growth, with you into the next stage of your journey. 

Right / The Hanged man Reversed - If you're drawn to this card, recently, you may have had an "aha-ha" moment; which will bring you out of a state of limbo or ascend higher from this plateau you've found yourself at. This little nugget of inspiration / idea has broken through into your conscious and has you excited to plan and take action. It may even be one of those ideas that point you into the right direction - or your brain has woken up up from a mental fog; and you find yourself saying, "duh" what didn't I come across this or think about this sooner? It's all about timing my friends. Carpe diem my friends.