Muzings: 2017

Closing out 2017

By Marie Satori

2017As 2017 is nearing to a close, and we look ahead to 2018, many of us are ending this year feeling as though we need more time to complete the tasks, and accomplish the goals we had set out to achieve. This incompletion can make us feel frustrated and irritated. However, keep in mind - that time is man made. Projects and cycles doesn't always complete in nice little packages, at the years end.

Many of us will find that our accomplishments will be resolved closer to the end of Jan 2018, than Dec 2017. With that said - even though the year is ending, unfortunately the challenges and issues from 2017 will extend into the first few months of 2018. The delay in completion and resolution is outside of our control. This is also a (f**#%@^) exercise of surrendering control. Many, if not all of you, have exhausted all of your mental capacity (and possible physically exhausted as well) of thinking up solutions, and re-working your plan to accommodate these delays. You're at a point now of possibly giving up on goal setting and planning all-together. For you've had to re-think and re-work what you've been "working with" a few times these past 6 weeks - and it's getting tiring. A few take-aways are that these life delays and frustrations have opened you up to disappointment - which is a lesson of not attaching to expectations; as well as learning to be flexible and really self-reliant on hustling and problem solving. None of this feels good - and you are probably saying to yourself, you don't need anymore lessons. You're probably correct, but you're still going to have to deal with these set backs. So lets get to the heart of this, shall we?

Many of you are still waiting on legal situations, contracts, house closing, delays in new jobs and monies owed to become a thing of a past - you possible feel as if your life is on hold. You possibly will begin changing your mindset to "I don't give a FK" anymore, as you realize your peace of mind and health is important, and you cannot keep delaying other life decisions as you wait for these other items to resolve. You are also realizing you can't keep fighting, it's making not only life unpleasant, but you are even tired of hearing yourself complain about the same thing. Many of you are going to start disconnecting from these challenges and seeing how you can bring some joy back into your day-to-day as you struggle w/ these delays & financial challenges. You are not going to stop living life. Granted, there is a worry / concern that some of you might just forgo paying you CC debts and minimums. Don't do that - but putting aside time and finances for yourself, so you can some simple pleasures is important for you mental well being. In short: you can't keep putting out fires - so you'll start to take a step back, and push the deadline out on when you think / expect things to clear up a little in your life and take the pressure off that this needs to be resolved by the end of 2017.

Some of the fights you have been fighting - you’ll start to reevaluate and ask yourself, "Is this worth it anymore?" Again, bringing you back to focusing on your own happiness and if the struggles are worth your peace of mind. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you take a last minute "fk it" trip and get out of town, or turn off your phone for the weekend (or weekends) leading up to the end of 2017. Peace of mind, is what's on your mind ... and making time for yourself to just relax and detach is just what your soul desires. Wish this was a little lighter, but again - it's best to have a heads-up when delays are bound to happen, so you can plan or alter accordingly.


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