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[Channeled Message] Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & March Monthly Overview

By Marie Satori

[Channeled Message] Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & March Monthly Overview
Information I need to discover, will be uncovered.

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Today we drift in the emotional currents of the Pisces New Moon, and Mercury Retrograde. We are asked to feel our feelings, and align our physical bodies with our Higher Intuition - allowing both to be carried in the Universal undercurrents, and guide us forward - or kick up the issues that we need to face - hand have buried in the ocean’s underbelly; or for some, to retrace our steps and return us to a place for revaluation & deeper understanding of our journey - for refined progress. It's very possible that we'll discover information or be pushed to face challenges that we've been pushing aside - and discover information not only about ourselves, we'll discover issues and information of close friends & family and those within our community. For a few, we will need to face our secrets affairs, dependency & addiction issues.

This time period is also good to reinvent ourselves. If you are looking for new career opportunities, or to present yourself in a new or artistic image - take this month to reinvent your personal brand and image. This can be you redefining your and organizing your social media & career profiles (LinkedIn,, etc.) and refining your resume & portfolio. Take this time as an opportunity to organize yourself and devote to yourself. On the other side of this, we will be rebirth in the waters of life.

Pisces New Moon & Mercury Rx mantra:
“What I need to know, will be uncovered.”⁣

March 2019 Channeled Message.
We have a lot of Piscean energy this month. Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces (Mercury Retrograde dates in 2019: March 5 – March 28) as well as a New Moon in Pisces the following day (March 6th). After checkout - you'll instantly receive an email with a link to access and download the 12 minute audio channeled message; which you can listen to throughout the month.

Pisces is also represented by the Moon in the Tarot; The Moon can often symbolize the dream time; as well as confusion. We are asked to balance reality and illusion; emotional need and practical stability. What is our projection, and where is the confusion or lack of focus in our attention? The moon is the layer of shadow and mist - and within the realm of all truths and lies; as we may see ourselves reflected back in the Moons mirror - however, is what we see clear or distorted? This month we are being asked to not make judgments through heightened, altered or distorted emotions.

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