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April 19th • Libra Full Moon

By Marie Satori

April 19th  •  Libra Full Moon

We have a full moon in Libra, Friday April 19th. It's the second full moon in Libra, two in a row. What's happening right now, is we're being tested in some way. Or, we may feel like we're being tested. The energetics is bringing our personal core values to the forefront. We are being presented with situations that are having us engage and re-evaluate our values. To see if we still agree with them. You'll find yourself in an experience, where it will ask you what is important in your life. Our values are going to be tested.


And by that, these experiences could be friends that gossip, an employer and their treatment, or a partner that may have taken actions in ways they are against your values.  Libra is also about partnerships, and the relationships we cultivate. The bigger energetics I'm seeing are legal. We may find ourselves either ending a legal cycle. For example, say you had a lawsuit, paperwork for a mortgage, ongoing contract for employment, or an application for a visa... this energetic shows of a long evolutionary process and journey that brought in doubt and personal growth. This example would have been something that took many cycles, months or more than a year. We are coming to that final completion (again, also see this as multi-month or multi-cycle process in regard to re-evaluating the partnerships in your life and your boundaries). It's also very possible that you are needing to resurrect a past legal action, or decision that you made in a relationship. This could be a decision surrounding a divorce, or if you weren't legally married it could be a business partnership where the agreement or decisions need to be honored, or a long-term relationship and there is some legal situation going on between the two. This could be a contract with a lease, an apartment, shared debt / credit card, something that if left unattended is unjust. This second full moon in Libra is shining a huge spotlight, onto our reality. We're finding ourselves waking up and saying, "oh my gosh, I put myself in this situation again" or feeling of internal frustration with yourself, that you're in an unjust situation. There's a lot of internal aggression, anger, defeatism, but all these words boil down to the energetic of feeling frustrated. Feeling as if you're trying to advance your life forward and you're being met with outside friction.


There is an irritation. Today, tomorrow, and the next couple of days we're trying to seek balance in our life - and some strong footing. We want equal treatment. We want equal opportunity and we might find ourselves leaning too deep into our frustration. We can ourselves being angry with our friends, family - there is a lot of lashing out energetic. Be as gentle as you can with others and yourself. Now, you may have some really beautiful moments in your life right now, however this moon is causing you to reflect on what is out of balance.


This full moon spotlight is awakening you to seek a just cause. It's possible that you're finding yourself being an activist or advocate for another.


Overall, there is this coming to terms and understanding with either the decisions you've made or were too afraid to make - because you were unsure of yourself.


This external and internal friction is asking you to either fight the past or move past the past - so you can start new. If I can advise you, there may be some protests, or extra vocalization with the people that are around us (yourself included). Be mindful of fights, arguments and speaking with a biting tongue. For some of you, this is a holiday weekend, be extra mindful of family discussions right now. The energy is a little bit more heated than usual. If you want to meditate to bring yourself to a place from neutrality that's fantastic. Some of you may really need to physically work it out by going to the gym. It's very important for you to find some tools right now. So be mindful of everyone having an internal war going on. It's not just you. Take the time this weekend, to find the tools and resources to course correct any unjust areas of your life. My best to you, and a happy Full Moon in Libra.


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