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April 2019 Moon Guide & New Moon in Aries

By Marie Satori

April 2019 Moon Guide & New Moon in Aries
  • New Moon Fri., 5th  • Aries
  • First Quarter Moon Fri., 12th  • Cancer
  • Full Moon Fri., 19th  • Libra
  • Last Quarter Moon Fri., 26th  • Aquarius
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An affirmation for the month of April is, “My potential to succeed is infinite.”

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognize and live your values, and to raise your emotional and physical energy.  Take the time to meditate, plan your strategies, and gather your resources so you can make the best of what the Universe has to offer you each month. 

Once you’ve have a picture of the challenges and openings to come, you can navigate each moment, and live in rhythm with the Universal energies that await you. As above, so below.

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The New Moon, Fri. April 5th. marks the new cycle of the zodiac year and the change of the seasons. We are sooo ready to welcome the fire of this Aries season, to ignite us out of hibernation, and burn off the Mercury Retrograde residue. This month we begin a new process, of emerging deeper into Self and becoming more comfortable in walking in our own Authority. We ask, “How do I realize my best self?”

The full moon this April full moon has a couple of different names such as the sprouting grass moon or the Egg Moon which honors and symbolizes the cycle of birth death and rebirth. So the theme for April contains the energy of this cycle. This life cycle of birth death renewal rebirth and resurrection.  

If any of you are Catholic, we have Easter again with the egg and the resurrection of Christ. If you are Pagan, study or celebrate Pagan rites – this month we celebrate Ostara. The festival of Ostara falls around the equinox and is related to spring festivities that celebrate renewal, planting new seeds and fertility (the egg).  So what does the energy of the Pisces season like what did what did they have us let go of some people if not many people have discovered that there are pillars in their life that needed to either be completely burned away or our recharge for rebirth like a completely new image to it. What did the energy of Pisces season have us let go of? What areas of our lives did we discover need the fires of Aries to burn away, recharge or rebirth?

Aries not only embodies fire and strength, it also is associated with the Emperor of the Tarot. Also the natural ruler of the first house, the house of self. This month is gifting us the discipline, motivation and direction to take action if challenges do arise. We are called upon our inner strength and learnings, to find creative and sound solutions. The goal is to keep moving us forward; coming out of this hibernation of the Pisces season. We're moving forward. We're inspired we're ignited to rebirth ourselves. The Emperor also has resources at their disposal. Throwing in some pop-culture here, if you follow Game of Thrones, we have The Hand of the King. So again, surround yourself with others of authority and wisdom that you can look up to and seek guidance, when necessary. Surround yourself with others of authority and wisdom, and seek guidance when necessary.

Remember, “No man / woman is an Island, entire of itself; every man / woman is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main” or in other words, “Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.” (Proverbs 15:22 KJV).

What we're saying is, if you find yourself feeling stagnant or if you find yourself hitting a wall... Trust in your advisors. Trust in not only your ability and authority to come to sound decisions within yourself; also trust yourself that you make the correct choices in who you look up to and surround yourself with.

You have the authority of your life, in your decisions and in-decisions. You're in complete control of your thoughts and how you choose to respond to negative and positive events alike. So again, thinking of one who is of Royalty or a king. It requires a lot of discipline, and control of our emotions. We may need to plan accordingly. For example, say we want to respond to someone. However, in this Aries heated energy. There may be a lot of explosive emotions. You may need to play a bit of politics. You may need to have control of your responses or cultivate a very specific response. Again you are the master, and you are the king of your own domain. 

I welcome you to step into your authority and tap into your Royal strength this month.


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First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️

By Marie Satori

First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️

First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️ , will be Monday Jan 14th. At this time we are being asked to build foundation & take pragmatic action. 🧱 This is a time where the moon appears to be growing and gaining strength, and with that so are our seeds of intention. This is a time of building, and our focus in turned to supporting how we can increase areas in our own life: knowledge, relationships, communication, pregnancy, financial accounts. Ideas are building, and we begin to see tangible events unfolding. 💪What is pragmatic action? For example, if you are trying to manifest a new career, taking classes and building a network that would support the entry or shift in to that career.

Aries is associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card, the Emperor. Meditate on The Emperor, and see what comes forth.

Affirmation and prompts for First Quarter Waxing Moon in Aries:

📓 I trust the power and strength of my decisions.

📓 My potential to succeed is infinite.

📓I make sound decisions.

Your ability to take action on a decision is your strength. This moves you forward and with that you gain knowledge and experience to either make further advancements or realize you need to change course. Taking action also allows you to experience and gain feedback and assess the course in real-time. It keeps the energy flowing, removing stagnation.

The Emperor reminds you that you are responsible for how your life currently looks. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs created your current reality. The key phases are "responsible action" and "authority of self". Allow yourself the authority to take responsible action - forward - to support your decisions and intentions.

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