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Aquarius New Moon - We are not meant to plant roots where we are not meant to grow.

By Marie Satori

Aquarius New Moon - We are not meant to plant roots where we are not meant to grow.

A digital workbook and 17 minute audio recording for the New Moon in Aquarius, Feb 4th


 We are not meant to plant roots in cities (or jobs) where we are not meant to grow.

This new moon in Aquarius is giving us a wake-up call. This is a time for us to take a pause, and replenish our resources. ... We can’t keep pushing to exhaustion, and trying to be the glue to hold together what isn’t working. New avenues need to be explored, and new habits are necessary.

New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed sign associated with breaking free of the confines of the status quo. Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, future minded in his thinking and ready to organize the masses to take on corrupt establishment. Anything the gets in the way of our inherent human freedoms will be challenged by Aquarius. Breakthroughs come as new insights bring awareness and take us to the edge of our tolerance. Anything that doesn’t align with our truth may suddenly break away, exposing the rebel within. 

However, we need to be careful with rebelling just for the sake of it. Uranus, the ruler of this New Moon, is in it’s last degree of fiery Aries, and conjunct Aries ruler, Mars, also in Aries. If Uranus wasn’t shocking enough on his own, Mars brings in impatience, frustration, but also determination and drive to protect our freedoms and get our needs met. The combination of this energy can be highly productive as we get clear and focused about what it is we want, but how we go about getting it is where it can become problematic. 

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First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️

By Marie Satori

First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️

First quarter waxing moon, in Aries ♈️ , will be Monday Jan 14th. At this time we are being asked to build foundation & take pragmatic action. 🧱 This is a time where the moon appears to be growing and gaining strength, and with that so are our seeds of intention. This is a time of building, and our focus in turned to supporting how we can increase areas in our own life: knowledge, relationships, communication, pregnancy, financial accounts. Ideas are building, and we begin to see tangible events unfolding. 💪What is pragmatic action? For example, if you are trying to manifest a new career, taking classes and building a network that would support the entry or shift in to that career.

Aries is associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card, the Emperor. Meditate on The Emperor, and see what comes forth.

Affirmation and prompts for First Quarter Waxing Moon in Aries:

📓 I trust the power and strength of my decisions.

📓 My potential to succeed is infinite.

📓I make sound decisions.

Your ability to take action on a decision is your strength. This moves you forward and with that you gain knowledge and experience to either make further advancements or realize you need to change course. Taking action also allows you to experience and gain feedback and assess the course in real-time. It keeps the energy flowing, removing stagnation.

The Emperor reminds you that you are responsible for how your life currently looks. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs created your current reality. The key phases are "responsible action" and "authority of self". Allow yourself the authority to take responsible action - forward - to support your decisions and intentions.

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Why do we set intentions?

By Marie Satori

Why do we set intentions?
“Why do we set intentions? Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment. To recognize and live your values, and to raise your emotional and physical energy. The New Moon and Full Moon paint a picture of the challenges and openings to come; they ask you to meditate, celebrate, plan your strategies and gather your resources and make the best of what the Universe has to offer. So you can navigate each moment, and live in rhythm with the Universal energies that await you. As above, so below.” Xo Marie 

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Clairvoyant readings and physics - how are they similar?

By Marie Satori

I'm beyond thrilled when I receive feedback on a session.

Feedback validating a prediction to a specific date:
She's by far the only person who has given me a specific date, not time frames, and what she predicted would happen that day did. I woke up to a message she said I would receive June 1st. I'd been trying to get in contact with her ever since then and finally paid for a detailed reading via email. She responded back in great detail and hit everything spot on... now it's a waiting game to see what the end of the year brings. I connected with her very well maybe because we also have the same birthday thought that was pretty cool :) Thank you so much. Highly recommend to give her a try!

Predicting to a date:
I know that reading that someone can predict an event to a date seems really "out there" - however, it is something I've trained over 20 years to do. 

How can you predict to a date? I recently had someone ask me, 
Is there a reason some people have the ability to give time frames and some people don't? Some say I can't read time frame because the situation might change or it based on actions."

How I am able to read to a date
It's a good question, and I should probably do a video on it, because the answer is lengthy. I have often given readings in which I would say, a situation will play out over a certain time period, or that that one situation can change. However, other situations and events really will not change at all. Why? Think physics and cause and effect. There is a past action or thought that as a future impact, and I am looking for this impact. It's reading Causality, (cause and effect) and the light cone.

Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. Causality means that an effect cannot occur from a cause which is not in the back (past) light cone of that event. Similarly, a cause cannot have an effect outside its front (future) light cone.

In special and general relativity, a light cone is the path that a flash of light, emanating from a single event (localized to a single point in space and a single moment in time) and traveling in all directions, would take through spacetime. 

Once you (an adviser) recognizes the difference in "energy" between something that will have a future impact, and another situation that is more fluid - you can then use your discernment on how to proceed to relay this information to their client.

It takes time (years) to be able to notice and feel the differences between the two different event types. After that, it takes more time and practice to read when the event will play out. I've been reading since I was 8 years old, then started reading professionally at 18. I didn't start giving dates until I was maybe 26, and really I didn't start feeling more confident on these dates until I was 32. If you do the math, it took me about 24 years before I really developed the skillset to do this. 

Freewill? Free will is your choice, of course. But there are many decisions that are made subconsciously. That's where many people are confused if something is fated or not. It could it fated - it could be that you consciously are fighting a decision your subconscious has already agreed and made.

Also, keep in mind - if you do something, or there is an event that causes a negative ripple effect (or positive ripple effect) in the future, that event will unfold first. How one wants to react to the aftermath is their freewill. However, freewill can be an instant decision, where one decides at that moment and after they have made up their mind, there isn't always an opportunity to go back - or course correct.

An example: there is an event / situation at your job - in which it has a negative impact on your role. It impacts your team and manager. There is freewill, the freewill might be "how long" they decide to keep you, prior to termination. However, the termination decision has been decided. 

There really is no changing that course of action, especially if it becomes a core decision. It's possible if you're fighting within yourself, a core decision that is stoping you from making progress of moving forward - you can alter this through hypnosis.

I hope this enlightens you more on how I read :) 

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