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Mercury Retrograde & Eclipse Season

By Lara AstroInsights

Mercury Retrograde & Eclipse Season

This is a guest post written by Lara of Astroinsights

Mercury Retrograde
July 7 - 31, 2019

4 degrees Leo to 23 degrees Cancer
July 7 - July 18/19 in Leo
July 18/19 - July 31 in Cancer

Mercury Retrograde, Eclipses, Chiron Retrograde, Saturn conjunct South Node. It’s difficult to know exactly which of these influences we are feeling right now! But feeling we are with the Sun, Venus, and the last Eclipse in the sensitive sign of Cancer. We may have made it through the Cancer Eclipse but we’ll be exploring Cancer themes until Mercury leaves the sign on August 11th. We will however, have some relief on July 28th when Venus moves into Leo and joins the Sun and Mars there, bringing our focus back to fire and fun. 

Right now Mercury is stationing retrograde exactly conjunct Mars in Cancer and Square Uranus in Taurus. Nervous system mayhem can ensue if we aren’t practicing enough self care. Anyone with planets or points between the 3-6 degree mark around the zodiac, and particularly the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, will be feeling this retrograde most in the first week. 

As with all Mercury Retrogrades, we need to be mindful of our words as misunderstandings easily arise. The beginning of the retrograde Mercury starts out in Leo with a conjunction to Mars. Communication may have a sharp or even mean quality to it. We may feel impatient, selfish, reactive, stubborn and prideful. With the two planets in Square to Uranus, we may feel like we need more space and independence than usual. We may find out news that’s unsettling or rapidly changes our direction, experience sudden separations, arguments, or just be in a state of overwhelm. With many planets still in Cancer, we are more sensitive than usual so find practices that help ground and center you through the changes arising now or get support from friends, family, or practitioners. 

It doesn’t all need to feel burdensome though. There may also be reconnections with past partners, as with all retrogrades, but in Leo we enter the romance sign of the zodiac. Issues around giving and receiving love and exploring what strategies we use in order to gain love, affection, and attention. We could be reflecting on our individuality and how we express ourself. Creative projects are the focus and the motivation to reconnect, rework and experiment with our talents is fired up. Mars traveling through Leo is a powerhouse, so even with Mercury retrograde, we may still make some forward progress in these areas. But be aware not to get too frustrated if things don’t move as fast as you would like them to. 

When Mercury moves back into Cancer on July 18/19, it joins Venus, the Sun and the North Node again. We see the focus shifts from Leo self-expression, back to an internal emotional processing. Cancer themes of family, support, security, and nurturing, will have us working through the emotional content of inner child wounds and ancestral karma. Now’s the time to do some deep healing and reconnect to our emotions. We can learn strategies to self-soothe and de-escalate during triggering moments. We can heal past experiences that left us feeling helpless, insecure and victimized. 

Sensitive Cancer is helping us reclaim our inner parent, so we can nurture and love ourself. This often means developing healthy boundaries with those who are taking too much of our generosity. Take not of the people or situations where you are giving too much of yourself and not receiving enough in return. Reciprocity is important in relationship and during this retrograde period we may need to make some adjustments in our relationships dynamics so they feel more balanced, safe, and secure. 

On a more practical level, home situations may be changing. It’s a good time to reorganize and take care of any broken or dilapidated areas. You might consider moving, or in the process of making a move. Consider what places and situations make you feel nurtured and safe. Surround your home with things that also make you feel nurtured and safe. Bring in an element of beauty and calmness to your environment to help ground and balance. 

On July 31 Mercury moves Direct at 23 degrees Cancer and in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. During this time we may be facing our shadow through power dynamics, and abusive or manipulative situations in work or family dynamics. We may also have conversations that aim to understand or resolve these issues. Intimacy can be developed more deeply when we share our vulnerability and light and shadow with others. We may also experience this process solo as we explore our inner thought processes that help us reconnect to the power and wisdom of emotions. Pluto brings transformation so expect this time to offer a depth of experience through insight and connection. 

Mercury finally moves out of his shadow on August 14 and we can begin to feel full speed ahead! It’s likely to be a bit of a bumpy ride over the next three weeks with the goal of helping us heal, connect with others, and become more connected to our emotions and emotionally resilient. Take time for yourself and focus on what nurtures and supports you. If you don’t know what that is yet, you will discover it by the end of this retrograde. Hold yourself in loving compassion no matter what arises.

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