Tarot guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions

By Marie Satori

Tarot guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions

Tarot Guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions 


Left - Judgement
Right - The Wheel of Fortune

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I forgive myself totally and unconditionally. Everything happens for my highest good.

Judgment is the Universal wake-up call, asking us to shine light onto our past actions and come to a level of acceptance. So that we can move on, and move forward in life’s journey. Our past, or powerful feelings from the past, will resurface at this time. This could be memories of the past, or past actions that are catching up with you - or an actual face to face encounter. You’re being nudged to heal and address the emotions that were pushed down or avoided, as a temporary survival tactic. It’s also possible that you’re reflecting on past decisions, and “failures”. Perhaps you’re dwelling on life-goals that haven’t yet been realized or received information that has you coming to terms and mourning with avenues and possibilities that are now closed.

Some of you could also be reflecting on the way you use to live, nostalgic of a “home” and the lifestyle you had etc. All of this mental activity and reflection/living in the past is holding you back. It's healthy and natural to reevaluate your life; but make sure that you're not dwelling in what could have been.

It’s likely that you are trying to figure out “how did you get here?”. Even those of you who are celebrating positive moments or accomplishments currently - there are possible “survivor guilt” moments for past colleagues or weirdness of accepting success - or an imposters syndrome. You’re being asked to step into your authority and accept your accomplishments. You do not need to be perfect to be successful, or experience happiness.

If you haven’t let go of your past or currently dealing with past issues you will risk the relationships/career you are in, or a relationship/career you seek. You may be reflecting on a past relationship, friendship or career decision/mistake (even possible all of the above), and this reflecting is stealing your peace and attention from your current reality and possible future progress.

Overall, you may be experiencing a powerful feeling from the past, such as guilt or anger. It's possible that you are being asked to release this feeling before you can move on. You may revisit previous relationships in order to resolve this, by meeting up with a former partner/co-worker or in spending time alone to examine your deeper feelings. Do not judge yourself too harshly. You are meant to feel your feelings at this time.   Through this process, we are released and renewed.

If You Don't Heal What Hurt You, You Will Bleed On People Who Didn't Cut You.

Wheel of Fortune

Mantra:  "I am a Child of the Universe. I evolve with the seasons, I am in rhythm and in flow."

The Wheel of Fortune is just that, it is The Wheel of our Fate; and where we're introduced to causality (the relationship between cause and effect) and the hand of Fate. Where our past actions are leading up to our current reality. We find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision on how we would like to proceed forward with the constrictions and openings of our past actions. It's very possible that you're in a situation or finding yourself at a crossroads. Where it may seem as if things or a specific situation are changing rapidly, evolving - and you're finding yourself needing to make a decision. These decisions present themselves to invoke a change. Not only externally but also internally within you to help you - to help you move forward and further into your own personal development, and an evolution in your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional process. When it comes to relationships, we are being asked right now to elevate our perspective. To see what this relationship and current dynamic is teaching us. We are asked to lean deeper and take a sober look and refreshed perspective into the relationships we're cultivating and those relationships we're ignoring.

Who are we currently giving our power away to? Who are we currently giving our energy our attention to? Are these relationships fulfilling, does the energetic wheel turn and fulfill both Spirits? We're being asked to communicate and address boundaries. We're being asked to communicate and address our interactions and the chosen words we use to express ourselves. The way we communicate. The way we speak to others, we're changing, leveling up, evolving (or, we run the risk of backward evolution - reverting to old cycles). It's about changing and it's also about aligning into the current season. 

The Wheel of Fortune also speaks to the changes of seasons, and the changes of seasons in our relationships (work, family, personal, sexual, etc). We're being asked to look the environmental dynamics as they currently are, in this current season. We're looking at our relationships maybe some people that we have set up boundaries with we are actually be asked to tear those boundaries down, or open up the gates a little bit. Perhaps people that we are giving too much of our creative energy and attention, or our space away to - maybe the relationship dynamic has become lazy. Perhaps in this moment we're being asked to define some personal space, or give each person their own personal space within the household - or work environment. Most likely the communication and our relationship language between those people in our lives will need change. When I say "relationships", I mean all of them: our colleagues, our co-workers, our family members, our intimate relationships as well our partners and our children. The relationship dynamics are changing, evolving and in some cases ending.

Causality comes to the surface - you reap what you sow, you get what you give and the more you are in tune with the ever-changing dynamics between yourself and others, yourself and your environment, your input and output - the more aware and adaptive you are to seize opportunities when they arrive, shift directions and mindsets when necessary and release situations when they are no longer a benefit to your participation and evolution. When we align our nature with the Universe and trust in the process and unknown; a greater sense of peace can be had. For we take a conscious step to get out of our own way and allow … Often times, when faced with a challenge, our overthinking and worries complicate situations and our relationship dynamics further. You are being asked to lean in to trust and change; and deliberately make time for the things that light you up and help you feel in alignment and fulfilled. 


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