When will I get married? Exploring Soul Connections

By Marie Satori

When will I get married? Exploring Soul Connections

Many people ask me, "I'm looking for 'the one'!" Or, "When will I get married?" ⠀

When a client or a friend is asking the if's and when's of marriage. I often suggest to rephrase the question to:

“When will I find a foundation and true shared connection in partnership with the ability to merge our lives together in possibly marriage or our definition of life long partnership?” ⠀

🤔 Why?⠀

  • 💗 Some marriages end in divorce (or death). Marriage is the celebration & ceremony and not always the “partnership”. Some marriages can be less than 2 years - and the person finds their life partner in their second marriage or common-law (or after).⠀
  • 💗 Some people can have two very fulfilling multi-year partnerships / marriages in their life time.⠀
  • 💗 Relationships can be non-traditional⠀
  • 💗 It's puts too much pressure on a new relationship, or a not yet existing relationship.⠀
  • 💗Anxiety and friction can happen, for this new man / woman is "the one" ... and insecurities arise, "I've never felt a connection like this before."⠀
  • 💗 Being open minded to a non-traditional marriage and relationship. I have a few clients who have gotten engaged, and have kept with a 5+ or 10+ year engagement to not get married. Marriage is a ceremony and celebration, and you can possibly meet "the one" sooner than the date predicted of marriage.⠀
  • 💗 The truth is, in life we have a few partners that we can share life with as “the one” & “soulmate” …. I’ve seen this being no more than 3 opportunities, or choices in ones lifetime. ⠀

The core meaning behind The Lovers is a choice. Two people choose to live and navigate life in partnership. When we are able to face a big life choice, we grow. The power is in the choice and facing the decision, more so than the emotional connection.


“I accept myself and love myself enough to face big decisions.”

“Love, forgiveness and understanding is the very foundation of my relationship.”

Xo Marie