Love Uncrossing, Clearing & Blessing Candle Ritual

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Uncrossing rituals are good to perform if you've been feeling stuck, or your path forward is filled with obstacles. Let's release and uncross any energies that stand in your way from finding happiness.

Allow me to set candle lights for you, to cleanse, uncross and bless your love life and the relationships in your life. Each ritual will have a blessing after the cleansing, for healing, peaceful energies and to welcome a happy home. Each ritual takes 3 weeks to perform (in some cases, rituals can burn for extra weeks - I won't know beforehand, the ritual will time itself accordingly).

You will receive an email after your ritual has started (I do this, so you do not mentally attach to the ritual itself, giving the energy enough time to "set").

You can leverage an uncrossing ritual to remove obstacles from:

  • your heart and love life
  • family & friend dynamics
  • release past relationship hurts or blockages that may stand in your way
  • If you are looking to bring love into your life, I will open up the roadways for you to discover and find more love and loving support.
  • at this time, I will only perform rituals and blessings for the person placing the session. If you are in a relationship, I can work through you to possibly bring more peace, love, and harmony into your marriage or domestic partnership.
  • I do not make anyone fall in love with you. I simply clear the blocks and misunderstandings to help facilitate connections.

For a select few individuals, I will set lights (candles) on my altar, to uncross and invoke energy for loving support, a peaceful home, and emotional well-being. After the completion of the ritual, you will receive photos. 

You have the option for:

  • two people. a specific ritual for an uncrossing and love HEALING between yourself and a specific person. This uncrossing and healing energy will be directed to both yourself and another person - to hopefully heal any conflicts, heartache or falling out. This ritual may not bring a relationship back together if trust has been broken. However, it can assist in removing the hurt, to allow for trust to be rebuilt (you can book a phone session with me, and I can look into your relationship dynamic before performing the ritual).

  • yourself. a specific ritual dedicated to you (I will need your full name, birth date, and if there is a specific area that you're looking to uncross).  After the cleansing, each ritual will have a blessing for overall wellness and prosperity.

  • community ritual. or, to be part of a communal love uncrossing ritual. Your name will be placed on a communal altar with others, to uncross and blessed. Which works like a spring shower cleaning your life.

After checkout, you'll receive an email asking you to provide your information: Full Name & Date of Birth, the current city you're located in. I will need this information to perform the work. You will be emailed a date range as to when your ritual will be performed.

Recent Feedback:

Dear Marie, in February I purchased a Love Uncrossing Candle Ritual from you which you did for me around Valentines' Day. You know I was asking to open the blocks of communication between me and my "person" that I have not been in contact with for over a year. You said to allow 3-4 weeks for the energies to shift. Well, IT TOTALLY WORKED!!! This week communication started again with plans to get together next week🤯 I cannot thank you enough for everything you both do and offer through my phone sessions and being a member of your Shala. It's transforming my life!!! 💚🔮💚🧿💚💫💚

I started doing readings with Marie about a year ago. In that year's time, she has helped me with my anxiety and in my relationships. She has not been wrong once, she has seen things with my relationship and specific dates. I recently did a love uncrossing & it has drastically improved my relationship for the better. I was unfamiliar with how uncrossings worked & she explained it in amazing detail to help me decide if an individual was better or communal. Marie has helped me so much over this past year & I am thankful to call her a friend.