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WTF package options are available if you're either navigating a challenging situation that is lingering, has you feeling stuck, and you need the energetic and spiritual support to help you breakthrough.

Package Options:

  • 5 x (15 min. phone / chat session a $60 value ea.)
  • 8 x (15 min. phone / chat session a $60 value ea.)

  • 4 x (30 min. phone / chat session a $125 value ea.)
  • 8 x (30 min. phone / chat session a $125 value ea.)

Energetic & Psychic Support:

  • 4 x (30 min. phone / chat session a $125 value ea.)
    & 1 x (Uncrossing & Healing Ritual a $150 value) 

International callers are welcome 
I will call you at the phone number you have associated with your account. If you need me to call a different number, please send an email prior to your appointment.


    What my clients are saying

    • I freakin love you and your work. You are the most honest. You don't provide false hope. You are upfront and caring. You don't sell love, money making, soul mates, twin flames. And it isn't a bad thing because it doesn't leave us hooked on an outcome. This is better than any therapy I've ever had.

    • "Immediately following my candle uncrossing wax-reading, I landed a new client that I had been hoping to write for months. This led to growth and abundance in my career that took it, collectively, to a new level. Your relationship reading into a past relationship of mine was incredibly moving for me. You are the only reader whose insights have been so spot-on that I actually trusted to dig into this particular past connection. As I knew you would, you were able to properly grasp the intricacies of this profound but brief relationship. Your advice to me is so cherished and I felt seen, validated, and understood by your reading in a way that was and is incredibly healing. I think you should raise your rates and only take on fewer, repeat clients. (Please don't drop me, lol.) Then keep a waiting list on a case by case basis. Your energy should be preserved and kept only for those who can truly appreciate your talents in individual sessions; raising rates because your abilities are extremely rare."

    • (10-year relationship) "I've turned to Marie several times over the last 20 years for guidance and clarity. More recently, I was going through a devastating break-up that showed ZERO signs of reconciliation. I had a few phone and e-mail sessions with her and ordered a Love Cleansing and Uncrossing Ritual in the faintest of hopes that we could get our relationship back on track towards healing. This healing ritual was performed in October 2020.

      Nothing happened right away, as there was so much hurt and anger coming from his end. I truly began to lose all hope.

      Fast forward to February 2021. There was a sudden and immediate shift in the way he spoke to me! It went from him being incredibly hostile and wanting nothing more to do with me or the relationship, to both of us agreeing that we would work on being civil towards each other and see where we go from there.

      It's now April 2021, and I'm happy to report that we've slowly been rebuilding the love, trust, and communication that had been sorely lacking in our long-term relationship. We aren't back together (yet!) but all signs are pointing to only good things in the future. Be patient and trust in Marie and in the process! She is a wonderful person and is absolutely gifted. In a world full of uncertainty and people who prey on others when they're at their lowest and most vulnerable, she has proven over and over again that she's the real deal. Thank you so much, Marie!"

      • "The first intuitive reading I ever had was with a very well-known psychic, Sonia Choquette, over 20 years ago (It was the early days at her home in Chicago - I’m not sure if she had even published a book yet).  It was amazing because she predicted certain things in my life AND helped me on my spiritual journey and no one has ever come close to that experience until my reading with Marie.

        Not only did Marie tune in to a very specific event in my past but also shed light on certain things I had been mulling over, which validated my own intuition - all without knowing anything about me. She is grounded and straight-forward as well as generous, kind, and very clearly super smart.  I felt like she was in my corner, offering guidance for my highest good yet willing to say the hard things (with love!) if necessary. Since the bar was set very high for me I rarely recommend readers yet Marie has my full endorsement."