Tarot Cards

The brand-new Golden Eclipse Tarot Card Deck is designed to help you deepen your connection to the Universe and receive messages from your guides — check out the deck here!

The Golden Eclipse tarot is a circular, 85 tarot card, tarot deck that combines tarot and astrology. 

• Circular tarot cards with zodiac wheel, depicting astrological correspondences for all major and minor tarot cards
• Can be read by both beginners and professionals
• Designed to be used in solo introspection, professional service, and rituals

We will explore the Fools' Journey, and how we walk the same spiritual journey to discover our purpose and spiritual evolution; and how to better understand our part in the Universe. We are all a part of the Universe, stardust, and connected.
This deck with include audio course and ebook, where you will not only learn the oral tradition of reading the Major Arcana (the major secrets); you can also use these cards for your new moon & full moon rituals  —  check out the deck here!