1hr - Ancestral Healing Journey

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“When trying to heal from stuck patterns and a painful past, we often require using different approaches that include mind, body, spirit, and emotion focused modalites.”

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Ancestral Healing is one approach that allows us to reclaim our power and reframe the past by connecting with an ancestor or past life. This method is helpful when we see repeating patterns in our family line in any area of life including.

  • money, 
  • relationships, 
  • family,
  • career, 
  • physical and mental health. 

During this journey you will decide what family pattern you want to heal, and we will set the intention together to find the original ancestor and event, or Choice Point, with whom this issue and pattern began. Lara will lead you into a relaxed state which allows you to drop deeper into your subconscious, create a connection with your ancestor, and change long held patterns. Every step of the way we greet your ancestor with compassion and curiosity, and with the understanding that whatever choice they made and belief they adopted at the time, was a survival response in order to keep themselves and their family safe.  

If you have doubts about the process, please keep in mind, that whatever is arising for you is exactly what you need to be shown. The story isn’t as important as the message of the journey and the opportunity to change these patterns. It’s arising from your subconscious and asking to be healed. Sometimes the story that arises seems more like a past life, and this is perfectly ok. The method to heal and create change is similar in both cases.

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