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New [audio only] you can book this as an audio voice recording (there will be no written words); this is good if you can't schedule a phone session.

The one focus email reading will cover one question or area of focus regarding your love life; can look into challenges surrounding a relationship and separation - to see if reconciliation is possible. This is not a general reading, please focus on a topic or question. You can order this session as either a Voice Recording, E-mail, or E-mail with Voice recording.

Do you feel like you have a blockage in your love life, or need to clear out the energy after a divorce, break-up or separation? Explore my
🕯️Love Uncrossing Ritual

    If you're asking about more than one person, going through a complicated divorce or separation, have challenges forming relationships, or want a general love reading please purchase the WTF is going on? or a 45-minute phone session and we can explore your relationships. in which you can ask multiple questions surrounding your situation and love life.

    Breakup & Reconciliation
    Many people have challeng
    es expressing their emotions, thoughts and needs when facing separation. Often times they react out of anger, because they feel misunderstood, or out of their own frustration and inability to communicate. I can look at your dynamic and help put into words what is going on deeper below the surface.

    This email reading is beneficial for those who are going through a separation.

    • I can tap into the unsaid words or your partner, to help bring about a better understanding. To either help you both begin the steps to repair your relationship, or to give you a better understanding.
    • I can also help tap into your subconscious and see where you might be standing in your own way.
    • If you're going through a separation, I can also see the possibility of reuniting, and what steps you can take (if any) to bring about an understanding and reconciliation.
    • Further, I can also help you see what's on the other side of this moment in your life. Help you better understand this moment in time. 

    Please do not ask me, "when will I get married". Unless you are wondering about a specific person or in a current relationship.

    Please do not ask me, "I just want a general reading". Please book a 45-minute or 1 hour phone session.

    After checkout, you'll receive an email asking you to provide your question.

    A response will be sent to the e-mail you have associated with your account. Your reading is not, and will never be computer-generated.


    "I did an email reading with Marie and she literally used the exact words that were used in the conversation I was asking about. "Just dropped in to say hi" - She also knew the EXACT action that was taken. Never surprised but always amazed"

    "Marie! I finished reading your email. It's amazing! You're correct about Kevin and thank you for giving me a beautiful reading about my future relationship. ... This is the message I needed to move forward. Thank you! 😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

    "Dear Marie, Wow, this resonated with me deeply but it was exactly what I needed to hear. To the point and honest. Yes, I did end the relationship, due to behaviour and feeling doubtful about our mutual growth together. It is definitely hard to accept, but essential. I am doing well, but still held on to a glimmer of hope, despite knowing it was not the right timing.You are so gifted and again, I am overwhelmed by how deeply accurate everything you have said has been. Thank you so much for this amazing reading and for your time."