Astrology Reading with Lara Noel

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You can also book an Astrology phone session:

Are you struggling with something in your life right now and curious about the bigger picture? Through astrology we can explore the Shadow and Light sides of ourselves. Our Shadow is the unconscious, hidden and repressed parts of ourselves. Often it seeks to feed our ego and / or primal need for safety through impulsive actions which recreates recurring patterns. Learn how to heal, transform, and integrate that Shadow into Light. Gain new perspectives and solutions to old repeating patterns.

I am excited to offer this special Astrology email session provided by Lara of AstroInsights. 

(1) one question.
(2) one question: Astrological event - New / Full Moon, etc.
(3) two questions same topic.
(4) two questions, different topics. (ex: Relationship & Career) 

Example: area of focus (Relationships) and (1) one question (How are you contributing to your relationship challenges?).

New / Full Moon or Mercury Retrograde Readings:

Learn how the New or Full Moon will be influencing your chart beyond just a generic horoscope reading. Find out what planets in your birth chart are being affected, and how to face their Shadow expression, develop it into Light. This can help you understand the subtle layers and undercurrents of events or emotional processes surrounding the Full or New moon, and give you empowered insight into how to navigate these situations.  

  • What is the bigger picture of what’s going on in my life right now?
  • What lesson am I supposed to be learning, and how can I transform the Karma?
  • What are healthy ways I can respond to what’s happened. How can I make an empowered choice?

Relationship Clarity:

  • How are you contributing to your relationship challenges?
  • What are your fears when it come to relationship and intimacy?
  • How can you move forward and heal these patterns?
  • When is a good time to find, release, or commit more deeply to a partner?

Please choose 1- 2 questions you’d like answered and by looking at natal chart and transits, I can help you understand why certain relationship patterns keep repeating and find new perspectives and solutions to approaching them. Revealing how your Shadow may be expressing itself and guiding you down the path towards the Light.

Career Clarity:

  •  Are you feeling stuck in your career?
  • Wondering when it’s a good time to make a career change or go back to school?
  • Having difficulty deciding which career path to take?
  • Having similar challenges in different work environments and wondering how to shift them?

Please select between 1 - 2 questions. By looking at your natal chart and transits, I can bring clarity to career issues and help offer direction and options of what path may be most fulfilling for you, and the best timing on when opportunities may open up.

Relationship & Career Clarity: 

Please select 1 question for Relationship, and one for Career. (2) Two questions total.

After checkout, you'll receive an email asking you to provide:

  1. Name, DOB, Place of Birth and Time
  2. If you don’t have your birth time, it will be set to Noon. Please know that without an accurate birth time, astrology readings will not be as accurate, but Lara can still work with other aspects of the chart.


Whoa! This reading is amazing in detail and analysis; I'm quite impressed. So reflective of my life and habits (our lives aren't predetermined by the stars are they?!). The Email Shadow Work Reading by guest Lara of Astroinsights was incredibly insightful and I can't wait to analyze it further and apply it to manifesting my future self. So useful! 
You know all those convos about life that you've had with friends where you both got frustrated and gave up because they didn't get it and you didn't know how to explain it any other way? You don't have to with this! Give her your birth info and a question or two and she'll expertly draw a map of your mind's labyrinth with accuracy and possibilities. It's lovely. 
Her interpretation of my natal chart combined with my career and relationship questions produced answers that reflected an honest look at my inner world throughout my life--the shadows AND the lights, and then Lara painted easy to read caution and get ready signs for the months of this year when my two roads will diverge in a yellow wood and I'll have to choose. I couldn't be happier with this experience. It really gave me confidence in my path and as always, Marie Satori's services were prompt and kind.