Uncrossing & Full Moon Ritual

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Uncrossing rituals are good to perform if you've been feeling stuck, or your path forward filled with obstacles. Allow me to set candle lights for you, to cleanse and uncross each major area of your life, and then refill the removed energy with Solar blessings. Each ritual takes 4 weeks to perform (in some cases, for a deeper cleaning it can take a little over a month. I won't know ahead of time, the ritual will time itself accordingly).

What's included?

  • Full moon ritual (select type)
  • 48hr pass to witchyaf.co (satorishala.com)

Rituals will start on the full moon. I will post photos & videos on Instagram. You will receive an email from me 2 weeks after your ritual has started. I do this, so you do not mentally attach to the ritual itself, giving the energy enough time to "set". 

You can leverage an uncrossing ritual to remove obstacles from:

  • mental and energetic blocks surrounding finances 
  • career and career growth
  • your heart and love life
  • family & friend dynamics

For a select few individuals, I will set lights (candles) on my altar, to uncross and invoke energy for a blessed and prosperous. 

What's new - replacing the individual email wax reading, I am including a chat/phone session where you can either text or call to see how the energy from your ritual unfolded.

Select one of two options:

  • a specific ritual dedicated to you (I will need your full name, birth date, and if there is a specific area that you're looking to uncross).  Each ritual will have a blessing after the cleansing, for overall wellness and prosperity.

    NEW. Included with your ritual is a 15-minute WhatsApp chat, or phone session, where we can discuss the wax reading and energy of your specific ritual. This is new and will replace the e-mail wax reading that goes along with the ritual.

  • or, to be part of a communal cleansing and ritual. Your name will be placed on a communal altar with others, to uncross and blessed. Which works like spring shower cleaning to your life (does not include personal phone session).


After checkout, you'll receive an email asking you to provide your information: Full Name & Date of Birth. If I do not have this information, I can not perform the work. 

You can create change in your life. Either internal change within yourself or external changes to your environment - a successful business, healthy relationships, or even releasing and uncrossing energies that do not belong to you. When you learn the magick the Universe and Planets have to offer, you'll discover how you can empower yourself to create these changes and clear energetic blockages.