♊Gemini Season ♊Astrology Reading & Workshop

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  • Personalized Astrology E-mail Reading for Gemini Season with Gemini Workshop 
  • Personalized Astrology E-mail Reading for the Gemini Season (does not include workshop)
  • Gemini Season Workshop at SatoriShala.com

Welcome to Gemini Season. The start to another Lunar cycle, an opportunity from the Cosmos to set intentions and refocus our energy towards the gifts that Gemini brings. During Gemini Season, we focus on the union of Aries (Mars/masculine) and Taurus (Venus/feminine). The glyph of Gemini, represents the twins, and this masculine and feminine energy. The two. The duality that makes up the whole. It is during this season that Mercury, Geminis’ planetary ruler, teaches us that we have the invocative power of our voice to speak into existence. What you think, you then speak and can manifest into reality. As above (our mind and intention), so Below (materialize into matter/reality). That which is above, is below and Gemini is the connector, the two pillars (♊) of information exchange, from the heavenly realm to our material realm. Our collective focus for Gemini Season is to communicate with intention, in order to bring about harmony, union and manifestation. 

I am a direct channel to universal consciousness. If I can think it, I can speak it into existence.

Gemini Season is a time to collect and share information, learn, explore, challenge ideas and beliefs, scouring details and organizing data. We need to tread with caution however. Gemini is two-sided. A polarity within a singularity; and with this comes confusion, discord, conflicting facts, sometimes outright lies, and cognitive dissonance. The most valuable thing we can do with all the information coming at us is to question it, not in an accusatory way, but in an inquisitive way. 

Observations, Lessons and Rituals for Gemini Season, Gemini New Moon, Sagittarius Full Moon, Venus Retrograde
+ Ritual & Guided Meditation for Telepathic Communication with another

During Gemini season we will be exploring the polarity between The Twins, Gemini, and The Archer, Sagittarius. Both Gemini and Sagittarius represent ways of taking in information and understanding the world. The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is the axis of learning, collecting, and assimilating information. Both seek the same thing: the truth.

This workshop includes:

    • A guidebook, observation, and foundation to align yourself with the energies and learnings of Mercury & Gemini Season.
    • Altar suggestion for Gemini Season & Mercury.
    • Telepathic Communication Guided Meditation & Ritual.
    • Supportive Foundations inside the Shala to further understand planetary energies, planetary days of the week, and Lunas’ Journey through the 12 houses. Access to previous workshops.

    Feedback from Satori Shala Members:

    "Your Venus meditation is powerful. I, of course, intended for love most of all and someone new arrived yesterday!🤯I did the candle, bath, Tarot, and altar. I’m going to do it again today 💚I am ready for love. You know that better than most!😂 Regardless, it feels nice to have kind and interested attention. I love your Shala and your work. And you!!"