Leo Season: Lunar Journal and Guidebook

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Leo Season Guidebook
What's inside 👉 110 pages

  • A guidebook, observation and foundation to align yourself with the energies and learnings of Sol & Leo Season.
  • Leo New Moon write-up
  • Aquarius Full Moon write-up
  • Horoscopes and intentions for each zodiac sign
  • Solar Blast Ritual for Leo Season & Sol
  • Altar suggestion for Leo Season & Sol
  • Tarot Spead: What qualities have I come here to master?
  • How to Make Moon Water
  • Saging your body & home
  • Bay leaf Ritual to Sol/Apollo for Prosperity or Banishing
  • Journal Prompt: A message to your father

Leo season is a time when we discover or re-discover, that our Light is Love. Over these last four months, we have learned to integrate and embody the four elements: 🔥fire 🌎earth 💨air 🌊water

During Aries season (🔥), we became aware. During Taurus season (🌎), we became aware of our physical body. In Gemini season (💨) we become aware of our mind. Then finally, in Cancer season, we became aware of our emotional body (🌊). Now, after integrating all four elements, we learn to embody the 5th sign on the cosmic wheel/the 5th element Spirit (🌟) Aether or Quintessence - which literally translates as "the fifth element" in Latin. 

♌ Now, as we enter Leo season - ruled by the Sun - we are being asked to shine our unique Light (Spirit) outwards. It is by embracing all that Leo has to teach us, we learn that Light (Sol/Spirit) is Love (Heart).

    Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognize and live your values, and to raise your emotional and physical energy.  Inside there are tools to guide you in taking the time to meditate, planing your strategies, and gathering your resources so you can make the best of what the Universe has to offer you each month. Once you have a picture of the challenges and openings to come, you can navigate each moment, and live in rhythm with the Universal energies that await you. As above, so below.


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    "Marie, this December Moon Journal is so much more comprehensive than I could have imagined! When I originally saw that it was over 80 pages long I was very skeptical about the content being wholesome and not filler but you have blown me away!"