Lucid Dreaming Meditation & Workshop

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One of the most effective ways to influence positive change in your life is to work in tandem with your conscious and unconscious mind. The art of Lucid Dreaming allows one to work directly with one's mind; becoming self-aware, "awake," within a dream. As you develop this skill, you can adjust and create a shift in your unconscious, allowing for significant shifts on the surface.

Lucid Dreaming can become a powerful path to greater awareness, heightened creativity, and spiritual awakening. Buddhism uses the mind to work with the body. In Vajrayana Buddhism ("vehicle of skillful means"), there are techniques of dream yoga guiding one to wake up to reality.

The word "Buddha" comes from the Sanskrit root budh, meaning "to awaken;" denotes one who has awakened from the deep sleep of ignorance. Are we the most spiritually awake in sleep, and the most asleep in waking "reality"?

Lucid Dreaming can be leveraged to practice new skills or rehearse an activity. Dream control is developing self-control. Dreaming with greater awareness can also help develop intuition and reveal hidden knowledge (even about ourselves); it may also allow communication with others.

Together, let's create the intention to become lucid, building momentum (karma) that crosses over into the dream world. When you are ready, actively think about the process of Lucid Dreaming, signaling to your brain, you want to be awoken and remember your dreams.