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So often we wish for just one more opportunity to ask speak to someone we’ve cared for, or have unresolved issues with. This process will provide that sense of peace and closure. As a medium, I can connect to your high self, and/or to a person who has passed on (or still living). This allows us to work together to resolve issues left hanging, gain clarity and insight, and closure to a relationship as needed. We will look at dynamics that were and are in play and breakthrough and regain a sense of understanding and peace.

How does this work?

  • You order the Mediumship session in advance, and I will send you a code to book on my calendar. For Mediumship sessions, I like to have at least 24hr notice, to prepare for your session.
  • At the time of your appointment, I will call you at the phone number associated with your account.


  • If we have any challenges connecting, please check your e-mail. I will write to the e-mail associated with your account after two failed attempts at calling. I will ask you to confirm your phone number.

"I have counted on Marie’s extraordinary abilities as a reader for some time now as she is someone that has proven to be highly ethical, trustworthy and reliable. Recently, I lost a loved one with whom I had been out of contact with for years before her departure, never having had a chance to speak to her again or say goodbye. Feeling the real sense that I was suffering from a kind of frozen state of helplessness and grief — both for my loved one, but also for the lost chance to communicate with her before she left this world — I decided to contact Marie for a mediumship session. 

I had never had a mediumship session with her before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was able to connect right away and with a specificity and depth that was remarkable. I had no doubt whatsoever that she was making a very real and strong connection, and it was immediately obvious to me that she is not only very gifted medium, but also a very clear channel.

I have sought out Marie for insight and clarity on multiple occasions regarding different people and situations and she has never failed to provide me with answers and assistance. This was no exception. I experienced a kind of closure that I don’t know that I could have otherwise experienced, and for that I am profoundly grateful. Thank you, Marie." - Miya S., June 2018