Tarot Channeled Message

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Inhale & Exhale • Clear you mind, and select which card calls to you (left or right). The energetics of this channeled message covers from Tuesday Jan. 22nd to Feb. 5th 2019.

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Left • Hanged Man Reversed
Right • King of Pentacles


If you’re drawn to the Hanged Man, it is very possible that you are struggling with internal resistance, and frustration. Why? Because life is presenting you with “kinda what you asked for”; but not enough that you can walk forward with full confidence. What to do?! You’re being asked to lean further into your Spirituality and trust in divine timing. This is a time where what we are trying to manifest, may not show up how we expect (needing to reframe our emotions and thinking). Sit with your emotions and thoughts and allow time to unfold ... You will become more clear, with detached observation; and more emotional neutrality. Let go. Let God. A key phrase, as you work through this internal frustration and resistance: “Be careful what you wish for, because you may just be limiting yourself.” Life has a much bigger plan for you, on the other side of expanding your thinking & accepting to what else may show up.

King of Pentacles - time to invest in yourself, your foundation and your future. You’re an advocate for both yourself, family and team (this goes especially for managers & executives).  You’re greatly exploring investing in both your home, and foundation (possibly even the physical structure of your home & basement). Many of you are streamlining the flow within your home, organizing and investing in objects & tools to make your life easier. You may be binge watching Marie Kundo’s method of organizing your home. As well, as downloading investment & budgeting apps to manage and “get real” with your finances. Chance encounters with authoritative people can also be happening - meeting financial advisers, coaches and career coaches ... these can be chance encounters. Be open to guidance & structure.