Taurus Season & Abundance Workshop

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Welcome to Taurus Season. We are starting another Lunar cycle to set new intentions and refocus our energy towards the gifts that Taurus brings. Taurus brings us back to the earth, grounding us in the cyclical nature of life. Within all that we have experienced and faced over the last few months, it has truly uncovered our resourcefulness, resiliency, and creativity. With Taurus, we focus on the tangible. What have we built, created, accumulated? This could be wealth, family, community, a legacy. Taurus reminds us that our resources are valuable, and when we are reduced to minimal resources, we discover our priorities and just what it is we value. From this nothingness, we can create beauty. Venus-ruled Taurus loves aesthetics and thrives on beautifying space, even with very little. During this New Moon, we can focus on what our values are and then take clear tangible steps towards creating a life that aligns with those values.

The Taurus Season workshop & guidebook are for all Zodiac signs (everyone) - and are a reference for the entire month. Along with the guidebook, Nomad members are given tools to develop their intuition - this month we will be exploring Akashic Records, to access the halls of our records. When we are better informed and aligned with the energies; we can adjust, manifest, and make real magic happen!

Venus Ritual & Guided Meditation: Abundance is an expression of Love

  • NEW! Abundance Guided Meditation & Ritual. Taurus Season is ruled by Venus. What better way to tap into the energy of abundance, than by setting your subconscious mind to an opportunity and wealthy mindset?

I added a Venus Ritual and Guided Meditation, for this Taurus Season to Satori Shala. Many of you are struggling with fears surrounding lack. Before fear sets in, let us get ahead of the lack mindset and create opportunities for abundance. Abundance and prosperity begin in your mind, and this cycle is your opportunity to use your inner mind creatively to produce abundance. You might be telling yourself, "my financial situation is such that I need a miracle." Guess what, you are entitled to fkin' miracles. 

Lack & Abundance. Like attracts like. How tapped in are we to Source, God, Self, Goddess? Abundance flows THROUGH us. When we disengage from Source, Self, God, we fall into lack. We fall into fear. When Venus is Retrograde, approximately once every eighteen months, we are given the opportunity to explore the shadow side of Venus, and our fear of lack, and our fears surrounding our own abilities to attract and create abundance.

Observations, Lessons, and Rituals for Taurus Season, Taurus New Moon, Scorpio Full Moon, + Guided Journey to access your Akashic Records:

  • 1 hour and 45-minute video foundation on Taurus Season
  • A guidebook, observation, and foundation to align yourself with the energies and learnings of Venus & Taurus Season
  • Altar suggestion for Taurus Season.
  • Akashic Records Journey - tap into your memories. From financial freedom to personal development, you contain a wealth of information. Remember and reclaim those skills and lessons, to become that you again.
  • Supportive Foundations inside the Shala to further understand planetary energies, planetary days of the week, and Lunas’ Journey through the 12 houses. Access to previous workshops.

Venus Ritual & Guided Meditation: Abundance is an expression of Love

  • NEW! Abundance Guided Meditation & Ritual. Taurus Season is ruled by Venus. What better way to tap into the energy of abundance, than by setting your subconscious mind to a wealthy mindset?

Akashic Records Journey

  • Access skills and resources you’ve mastered in previous lifetimes.
  • The Akashic Records are filled with the wisdom and energetic input that can be inspirational and supportive to artists and entrepreneurs, healers and scholars, and all adults of every vocation and avocation.
  • Receive guidance on how to work through present challenges, patterns, or issues. Gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles and challenges you are facing or have facedLearn what next steps you should be making in your career or business and what your soul has to say about your work-life
  • Feeling stuck—get more clarity on what is energetically standing in your way of moving forward

This workshop will guide you in exploring and finding answers to questions such as:

  • How can I ground myself and have the patience to further cultivate skills?
  • How can I shed any identities that no longer resonate with my spirit?
  • What areas of my life / skill can I invest in myself?
  • In what way do you see yourself creatively moving forward? 
  • When was the last time you felt lack?  If you made a decision based on the feeling of lack, would you have avoided this decision if you had felt abundance or the option of choice?


Feedback from Satori Shala Members:

"Your Venus meditation is powerful. I, of course, intended for love most of all and someone new arrived yesterday!🤯I did the candle, bath, Tarot, and altar. I’m going to do it again today 💚I am ready for love. You know that better than most!😂 Regardless, it feels nice to have kind and interested attention. I love your Shala and your work. And you!!"