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*if my IG sessions are sold out, book the Whatsapp and just send me your IG name at checkout.

Are you having trouble finding a time that works for you?
You can book an Instagram or WhatsApp voice recording. This option is good if you live in a timezone where you have challenges scheduling a phone session, or a busy person. I will write you, and leave you an audio message within 24hrs to 48hrs (and when I am free). Then, you'll listen and respond when you're free.

One Question: to look at something that is bothering you - or used as a follow-up appointment. 

Two Questions: gaining deeper insight on a single focus, that you'd like to discuss in more detail. Or, you can look at two areas; such as love life and career.

After checkout, you'll receive an email asking you to provide your question(s), and your Instagram account. If you selected Whatsapp I will message you at the number on your account.

New client?
Use the promo: NEWCLIENT at checkout to get $15 off your session.

How does this work?

  • Within 24hrs (when I am free), I will send you a message to either your Instagram account or Whatsapp. We'll communicate together over the course of 24 to 48hrs (depending on your question).
  • If you have already supplied your question, I will respond with your answer (or asking for further details).
  • You will need a focused question, not general.


  • If we have any challenges connecting, please check your e-mail. I will write to the e-mail associated with your account.


"I loooooooooove the voice recording I have from you. We did our first session this way, not intentionally, just due to the nature of my questions after I had paid for an e-mail session. We’ve done phone readings since then, but I find that my brain/energy kind of gets scattered as I hear new info in those sessions, and the flow isn’t as smooth because of the questions that I’m asking. I’m so happy you’re offering this option! I’ve really used my recordings of your personal readings for me as sort of audio meditations to get me through tough days. 💞"