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Are Psychic Readings Scripted?

By Marie Satori


Today, I want to dive into a topic that might seem a bit misunderstood at times—the nature of intuitive readings. Some might wonder, "Are these sessions scripted?" It seems a bit odd to think that personal guidance could come from a predetermined script. Honestly, anyone who does that definitely isn't psychic. So let's clear the air: my intuitive readings are entirely unscripted. The assumption that psychic readings are scripted often stems from outdated ideas about psychic hotlines. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each reading truly unique and personal, even if the information you receive may sound familiar in future sessions.

A Personalized Approach to Each Session

When you reach out for an intuitive reading, you're not just getting a script or pre-written email. There is no pre-written guide or template that I follow. Each session flows naturally, and the answers and information are tailored to your personal situation and the questions you bring to the session.

The Unique Journey of Each Reading

Despite the shared human experiences and often overlapping life events, the process remains personal and distinctly individual. No two readings are the same because no two individuals are the same, even if the advice sounds similar. While the themes of love, career, loss and personal growth are common, the psychic readings I provide are as varied as the individuals seeking them. Each session is a reflection of your unique path, and my role is to offer insights that help you navigate it with a greater advantage and understanding of your own life’s narrative.

However, it's understandable why some might think otherwise. In life, as unique as our experiences might seem, they often fall into recognizable patterns. For example, unrequited love or career disappointments are common themes. The feelings of heartbreak or frustration are universal, and therefore, the guidance provided can sometimes sound familiar or similar to others.

Consistency and Personalized Communication

If you call me, and then a friend of yours calls me about a similar issue, such as dating, and I end up saying the same thing to both of you—like, "They're really not that into you,"—that’s not because I’m following a script. There are limited ways to express that a relationship, job interview, audition, and the like may not succeed, while still encouraging you to try again. Over time, I’ve naturally gravitated towards certain phrases—it's simply my way of speaking. Whatever the situation, life constantly demands that we present ourselves for acceptance—by friends, potential partners, and family members. We're always interacting, always striving for something.

Continuing the Journey

Not every attempt or interaction manifests successfully. Sometimes, you have to keep trying. I hope this overview gives you an idea of the approach I take with readings and the realistic, supportive guidance I offer. I invite you to experience the unique, tailored guidance an intuitive reading can offer. Reach out, and let’s explore your path together.

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