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At checkout, write your question and the first name of each person involved, and within a few hours, I'll reach out to you on Whatsapp.

One and two-question sessions are answered within 24hrs
Deep Dives can take up to 48hrs

Get answers to your questions without needing to schedule a session. After checkout, please send me your question(s) and the first name of each person involved. By default, I will write to you on WhatsApp on the phone number associated with your account.  If you have my Whatsapp, you can send me your question directly after checkout.

If you want me to write to you on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, send me your account details at checkout.

Examples of specific questions:

  • I am going through a breakup with name and I am having trouble processing the situation and my feelings, will we reconcile / what will happen
  • I just got into a fight with name_ how can I resolve this?
  • I'm having a problem with my manager name_ how can I resolve this?
  • Will I have a relationship between myself and person's name?
  • I am looking for a raise_ at my current job?
  • I am interviewing for a new job at _company name, will I get this job?


One Question: Get a clearer understanding of something troubling you.

Two Questions: Get deeper insight on one topic you would like to discuss in more detail, or explore two different aspects, such as one question on love and one on career.

Deep Dive / WTF: Get a more comprehensive understanding of a complex situation. This deep dive session is useful for more complicated situations.


Examples of situations where this session may be useful:

  • Moving to a new city, state, or country
  • Starting a new career or business
  • Graduating from college, master's or PHD program
  • Going through a separation, divorce, or challenging relationship dynamic
  • Entering a new relationship or partnership
  • Empty nest, finding oneself in a new stage of life, etc. 


If we have any challenges connecting, please check your e-mail. I will write to the e-mail associated with your account.

"I loooooooooove the voice recording I have from you. We did our first session this way, not intentionally, just due to the nature of my questions after I had paid for an e-mail session. We’ve done phone readings since then, but I find that my brain/energy kind of gets scattered as I hear new info in those sessions, and the flow isn’t as smooth because of the questions that I’m asking. I’m so happy you’re offering this option! I’ve really used my recordings of your personal readings for me as sort of audio meditations to get me through tough days. 💞"