About Marie Satori

Marie Satori is clairvoyant and medium who is known for predicting future events down to an exact date. 

☉ Sun Life’s Goal / Aquarius  - I innovate, I disrupt, I organize the collective
ASC. Life’s Path / Gemini - I learn, I think, I communicate
☽ Emotional Style /Relates / Scorpio  -  I transform, I study the occult

My life goal is to innovate and disrupt the collective (Aquarius). The path I choose will require me to learn, process information, communicate what I learn (Gemini), and use this information to transform (Scorpio) the collective (Aquarius). My emotional style may guide me to feel deeply and understand these events by reflecting through Occult Studies and Astrology (Scorpio).

I like to think I’m aligned with my soul’s mission statement. I’ve been studying Occult Sciences for the majority of my life and have sought to disrupt old taboos in order to elevate the collective, to help them see these tools as powerful allies that guide and empower us in our day-to-day lives and spiritual journeys.

I am a New York City native and have been reading professionally since 1995. With over 30 years of experience in the spiritual field, I began studying the occult sciences at the young age of eight and completed an eight-year apprenticeship before starting my professional journey. My professional journey began in 1995 with brick and mortar, and then expanded to festivals, where I owned and operated seven intuition booths for 16 years at the NYRF: New York Renaissance Festival. I worked corporate events, retreats, remote sessions, and in-house practices. I continued my studies in my early 30s at the Omega Institute, as well as studying Buddhist philosophy and religion during my undergrad. In 2008 I shifted my practice to offer only remote sessions, allowing me to connect with people all over the world.

In addition to my readings, I am also the creator of the Golden Eclipse Tarot deck, book, and spiritual system, sharing my wealth of knowledge with others. I enjoy being of service to those who seek answers.

My approach to my readings is to tap directly into the collective unconscious where all information is shared and available. I encourage clients to provide an area of focus, and then use my abilities to deliver a response. I also offer mediumship services, connecting with those who have passed on as well as higher guides. I have studied the tarot extensively and offer apprenticeships that combine the tarot and channeling based on the oral tradition that has been passed down to me. However, I often don't use tools in my client appointments.

My communication style is direct and down-to-earth, and I get to the heart of the matter quickly. I do not use empathy to discern information and am able to offer sessions remotely via phone, chat or email. I believe that all people have the ability to see what lies before them, but sometimes need guidance to do so. My sessions are 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, and I offer flexibility in changing questions or topics during the session. However, mediumship sessions require advance notice and cannot be changed during the session.

My sessions are not scripted
I don't use a script. However, I do want to address that many people's life events will have a similar answer and outcomes. As in, there are only so many ways someone can say, "the person you like doesn't feel the same way," or "you won't receive this career opportunity, keep interviewing."