About Marie Satori

Marie Satori is a clairvoyant and medium renowned for her precise predictions of future events down to the exact date. A New York City native, she was born in Manhattan, where her education spanned the Fine Arts and Design at the State University of New York at Purchase, and The School of Visual Arts. Her undergraduate studies in Fine Arts, Art History, Design and Buddhist philosophy then afforded her a deepened understanding of the visual symbolism in tarot, and the Mystic Arts. In her early thirties, she deepened her expertise at the Omega Institute with continued studies of Buddhist philosophy and religion. This background, along with her Eastern European and Sicilian heritage, helped to inform the development of her uniquely intellectual and in-depth metaphysical framework.

With over three decades in the spiritual field, her journey began at the young age of eight, studying the occult sciences and completing an extensive eight-year apprenticeship. Marie has been offering readings since 1995, and in 1998 she opened her own practice. Her practice started with a brick-and-mortar, expanding to include operating and owning seven intuition booths at the New York Renaissance Festival for 16 years. Marie's experience also spans corporate events, retreats, and in-house sessions. In 2008, Marie transitioned to exclusively remote sessions, broadening her reach to clients worldwide.

Marie Satori has dedicated herself to sharing the wisdom she has amassed through Occult Studies and Astrology with the collective. Her latest offering, the Golden Eclipse tarot deck, guidebook, and magickal system, is a testament to this commitment to aiding others on their spiritual journeys.

Philosophy and Approach

Marie's life mission aligns with her Aquarian goal to innovate and disrupt. Her path combines Gemini's thirst for knowledge and communication with Scorpio's transformational energy. Marie believes in using her gifts to elevate the collective understanding of occult tools as powerful allies in personal and spiritual growth.

Marie's Big Three

☉ Sun Life’s Goal / Aquarius  - I innovate, I disrupt, I organize the collective
ASC. Life’s Path / Gemini - I learn, I think, I communicate
☽ Emotional Style /Relates / Scorpio  -  I transform, I study the occult

My life goal is to innovate and disrupt the collective (Aquarius). The path I choose will require me to learn, process information, communicate what I learn (Gemini), and use this information to transform (Scorpio) the collective (Aquarius). My emotional style may guide me to feel deeply and understand these events by reflecting through Occult Studies and Astrology (Scorpio).

Services and Methodology

Marie’s professional approach involves tapping directly into the collective unconscious, accessing a shared well of information. She encourages clients to specify a specific question, or pillar of life to focus on, enabling her to use her to provide precise insights. Additionally, Marie offers mediumship services, facilitating connections with departed souls and higher spiritual guides. Her extensive knowledge of tarot, combined with channeling abilities, forms the basis of her apprenticeships, which honor and continue the oral traditions she has inherited. While Marie is skilled with various spiritual tools, she often chooses to conduct her readings without them, relying solely on her innate abilities.

Communication Style and Session Details

Marie Satori is known for her straightforward and pragmatic communication style, ensuring that she addresses the core issues promptly. She relies on intuition rather than empathy to gather information, allowing her to provide clear insights during sessions conducted via phone, chat, or email. Marie believes that everyone has the potential to perceive their own future, though they often benefit from guided support to clarify their vision.

Sessions with Marie are tailored to individual needs, available in durations of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. She offers the flexibility to adjust questions or topics as the session progresses, adapting to the evolving needs of her clients. Please note that mediumship sessions require prior arrangement and the focus of these sessions remains fixed once they begin.

Marie is your best kept secret

Marie has cultivated a strong trust with her clients, allowing her to focus less on marketing and more on the quality of her services. Nonetheless, you can catch glimpses of her work on Instagram, where she shares updates occasionally.

"I’ve had multiple readings and many predictions have manifested. Everything from the timing of meeting potential partners, how long those partners would be in my life and my career path (a role where I’d be influencing others). These were surprisingly accurate. I appreciated the way she was able to tap in to the very specific traits regarding my partners that I didn’t see initially, but as the relationships evolved, my eyes became wide open (especially if Marie identified red flags). I know Marie is truly gifted, this is certainly her calling. She doesn’t have to do much marketing because she’s established a trust among her clients, so she does not need to “sell” her services but it would be nice for her to make recommendations as it relates to follow up conversations, suggest rituals, classes and how to keep the energy of the reading using her tools and resources."