You can always leave me feedback by sending me an email, or text message.

I provide sessions privately through the phone and e-mail; being able to work remote has allowed me to work with various personalities from different cultures and backgrounds. 

I offer guidance and an understanding of what could manifest in the weeks, months and years to come; based on your actions and thoughts (conscious and subconscious) and how these actions have a ripple effect into the future. The decisions we make today, are the building blocks of our future. Reading events to a date is something I've trained and practiced for years. However,  not all questions you ask me will have answers with dates. Some events in life have a ripple effect that will show up at a certain date in the future, other life events unfold in a more fluid fashion (and within a time range).  We won't know until we tap in. I also offer guidance to help you tune-in and train your own intuition.  

Featured Testimonial

"I never once encountered a reader whose date prediction EVER came true on the specific date or number of days. I can’t say that anymore. I called Marie to ask about a guy who had been M.I.A. for nearly a year, she told me he would contact me on the 19th. I chuckled that she gave me an exact date, I was 100% sure he wouldn’t. Guess who was wrong? Yup, I was! Marie was 100% correct! Call her!"

Selected testimonials from 2017 - 2019

      • Thank you so much Marie! Your gift is so beautiful!! Your insight was brilliant and gave me peace and some things to think about. I appreciate you beyond words. Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone! Xo

      • Dear Marie, I am about to schedule an email session for my husband via your website, but realised I had not shared my good news with you! You gave me the most amazing reading in 2017 and when I read it I deleted the email thinking what nonsense based on what was going on in my life at the time regarding fertility. Needless to say I had to go and recover the email from my deleted items to read it again when you gave me the months I would be pregnant in. Sure enough the pregnancy went so so well, and I thought to share this pic of my beautiful baby boy born last month, whom I would not have envisioned without your guidance at the time. Thank you for giving me hope when I had none, and for guiding me to seek help at the time with my mind fighting against my body.
      • I suddenly felt called to tap into a higher calling (or my higher self), and instantly thought of Marie. I only had some brief questions and luckily for me, Marie was offering WhatsApp readings over the holidays. Marie was very communicative, and even from the other side of the world via our text messages, she was able to pick up on the energies of my situation and with my person. I felt in very trusted hands, and took the guidance that Marie offered, and I was so glad that I did. Marie, thank you again, and sending you the warmest of wishes ✨

      • Hi Marie! I wanted to thank you again for the guidance and insight you helped give me this year. I’ve turned to you 3 times as I handled what was to be the most challenging year of my life. You gave me spiritual tough love, didn’t sugar coat the truth, you gave me specific timelines and dates that were spot on and you helped give me courage in doing what I knew I had to do, even though I resisted the outcome. At times when ego screams and voices inside my head can’t always be trusted, you helped clear out the clutter so I can see. You saw a visit from a friend coming much sooner in December (than originally anticipated in January) and you should know the ticket was just booked for 12/19. I don’t know how you know what you know with hardly any input (a first name?!) but when you continuously express a partner’s feelings and words verbatim, I must say, it never ceases to amaze. Thank you so much. I could not have been this strong this year without you. So glad I found you when I did.
      • Hi Marie, I did a WTF reading with you in March and it’s insane how many things you predicted came to fruition. I feel like I'm going through a shift in life right now, so I’m really looking forward to this next reading.
      • Hope this finds you well. You have done past readings for me. The first one was after I had moved from San Francisco to Miami with my husband but I hadn't found a job or made any friends after almost 1 year. Your guidance really helped and what you told me would happen pretty much did, down to the type of job I now have which I love. 

      • I feel very comforted by my quick 2 question reading. Knew things that no one else would've know about my body and was accurate about what's been dwelling on my mind. Thank you so much!!
      • I have gotten a couple of readings from Marie now, and each time, I have been shocked and impressed that she read the situation so accurately. In the most recent case, I was wondering about the intentions of a man that I just started dating. She made a reference to her Russian grandfather being a hard shell to crack, and it turns out that the man I'm dating is Romanian! Definitely a similarity in culture. Anyway, at this point, I trust the feedback that she's given me, and each time I hear from her, it gives me great comfort. I highly recommend reaching out to Marie, especially because she's so cool and down to earth!

      • I’ve spoken to dozens of psychics/mediums and Marie is without a doubt the absolute best. Her accuracy with dates is also incredible! Not to mention that she is just a really down to earth person. Whenever I call her I feel like I’m talking to a friend. (With an uncanny ability to tell me about my future.) I first spoke to Marie several years ago after a really bad breakup. I was deeply depressed and it seemed like I would never get out of it. She guided me through this time, always easing my mind. Every time I spoke to Marie, it felt like a weight had been lifted. She made countless predictions that came to pass exactly when she said they would. Fast forward to today and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Her guidance was essential and I can’t thank her enough. Most recently, I asked Marie about my career. She read my situation to a T and gave me predictions for the next few months. Looking forward to seeing if this plays out! (Even though I know it will because she has literally NEVER BEEN WRONG!) highly recommend her!

      • You don’t know how much I appreciate your gift and insight.Thank you so much.  You have a life long customer here. 
      • Marie, even with all you had going on, you were there for me today. So appreciative of you and thank you for giving me what I needed today. As hard as it was to face, you also had me laughing. You are truly amazing and amazing at what you do. Thank you.️

      • hi Marie! I know i thanked you during our phone session, but I wanted to say thank you once again! I appreciate you and your energy!  You have been such a HUGE help to me while I try to navigate through some emotionally difficult times in my life over the last 4 months! it has helped my anxiety with my partner and I have been able to enjoy my time with him as well as feel confident in decisions I have made. (I’m on your site SO MUCH that my phone has saved it as a favorite - you’re also on my VIP list for my emails so I get updates as soon as you send them out!). Thank you again for all you have done for me! 

      • You really actually kind of blew me out of the water. I knew from your testimonials that you were probably pretty good, but, you’re, like, reeeeeeeeally good! I keep re-listening to the audio, and uncovering new layers. It’s actually kind of funny in some places, where I know you don’t know the specifics of our situation but you’re so clearly picking up on the energy of it, and I can sense that you’re a little bit confused by it in those parts but you’re still committed to conveying what’s coming through, and it’s totally spot-on. My heart just really feels good connecting with you. <3

      • SHES 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 REAL 👏🏼 DEAL 👏🏼 YALL 👏🏼
        since i began having readings with marie, she’s given me so much to hold onto as well as to GROW INTO for the future. while she has given me concrete dates and been able to accurately articulate how something will play out (and has yet to be wrong!), she's always leaving me room to grow within myself and to never doubt my own future based off of what i’ve been told in a reading. she always reminds me of ways to hold this reading within myself and really reflect on it, but not to let it lead me and my decisions. i’ve been able to grow so much as a person since marie entered my world, and i wouldn’t be able to be present in life without Marie’s words and guidance. 
      • It’s been just a couple of days since I received my reading from Marie—too soon to know if any predictions have yet manifested, as they were all for a few months away from now—but I wanted to provide feedback on how impressed I was with Marie. I could go on and on with praise, but I’ll try to keep this brief: what most impressed me were (1) Marie’s very intentional and concise selection of words, (2) her awareness and practice of ethics, (3) her willingness to shift her approach according to what the circumstance (and her guides) required, and (4) her ability to tap into the specifics of my connection—including dynamics, issues, and date ranges—with virtually no information provided by me. As I’ve processed and reviewed this reading over the past couple of days, I’ve been able to access a deep sense peace about my situation that I wasn’t quite able to access on my own, and it has helped me connect to a high-vibrational timeline, which I think I can use to “manifest”/create, or draw myself towards, a really beautiful future. Thank you so much, Marie. I will most definitely be in touch for additional sessions when the time is right, and will be recommending your services to friends.
        • I know I thanked you during our phone session, but i wanted to say thank you once again! i appreciate you and your energy! 

          You have been such a HUGE help to me while i try to navigate through some emotionally difficult times in my life over the last 4 months! it has helped my anxiety with my partner and i have been able to enjoy my time with him as well as feel confident in decisions i have made. 

          (i’m on your site SO MUCH that my phone has saved it as a favorite - you’re also on my VIP list for my emails so i get updates as soon as you send them out!)

          Thank you again for all you have done for me! 

        • These readings help me and my anxiety. You are so gifted and I cannot thank you enough. 

        • Thank you so much for that, it really helped ease my mind from all the directions and analyzing it has been doing and going in.
        • Sometimes we already know everything we know. But we are human and self-doubt creeps in. It can undermine us. Sometimes we are strong enough to keep that demon at bay, other times we need help. I needed a moment of help. Marie knew. She spoke back to me the story I knew was happening. She restored my faith in myself and my insight and power because she could see, too, what I knew was real. That is an incredible gift. She did it on her own—with her own sight, with almost nothing from me.—

        • Hi Marie, Thank you so much for doing this. I needed to take a few days to just breathe and think about this. You are pretty amazing. How much you were able to see and understand really blew me away..... I loved how you came back to me with extra thoughts at the end and that while the guides saw one thing, or communicated certain sentiments, you also gave me your perspective on that, having done this so long. I know I was drawn to you for a reason.
        • The reading you did for me a couple of days ago has really brought me some profound peace, and confirmed a lot of things I had been thinking, but just wasn’t sure if I could believe them on my own.
        • Thank you from the bottom of my soul for your reading. It was very accurate. May you keep opening up peoples aura gates. Very much appreciate your time and energy. 
        • I asked Marie about investments and the stock market. During two different readings throughout 2018 she said that chaos would strike the market in early October. In another reading she told me to move any money i was considering moving out of the stock market before Oct 9th through the 11th. The market just went down over a thousand points on these dates. I moved money just days before. Marie's reading literally saved me thousands of dollars in market gains, incredible!!

        • Marie is able to connect deeply with me and rides out the emotional waves. The emotional highs and lows, all the while guiding me back to shore. She is truly gifted in what she does, and a gift from the Universe.
          • All that Marie has predicted has manifested. She’s been able to predict events (accurate dates) in my personal and professional life. She predicted my promotion, my raise, my bonus and a few other details about my personal life. She’s the real deal! 

          • HOLY F**K! This was accurate AS F**K! Marie knew the dynamic of my relationship with my boyfriend and knew exactly how both of us were feeling! Now I’m just waiting to see what predictions come up! I will be back for another session soon!!
          • Marie said that my significant other and I would reunite between now and March 13th and sure enough we are in the process of reuniting.

          • I’ve felt that Marie has been amazing in giving me guidance and information that has been spot on. Although I have not received specific dates in my readings from Marie, the timing of predictions have been accurate. I often have validations of the guidance and information Marie has given me.

          • Every prediction Marie has given me has manifested. She is the real deal — down to predicting concrete dates and those predictions happening ON the predicted day. She is the only psychic I’ve worked with that has this proven ability.

          • Hello all, In September my daughter’s mom and I were going through a very rough patch in our relationship. I was having a really hard time with everything that was going on between us, lost and confused about the situation I decided to reach out to Marie for a reading. Marie told me that our relationship would improve and she was even able to provide me the exact date as to when everything would get restored. Holy cow was she correct. To the freaking tee, I was speechless and shocked. So if you are dealing with any issues or simply have some questions that you would like answered, then don’t be afraid to reach out to Marie. Hope this will help to those in need as it helped me.
          • I’ve been collecting all my 2018 readings, going over the 2018 dates as well, and your reading completely matches up with everything i had previously documented from other charts, as well as what actually took place. it’s been such a healing few months for me, and the closure i received in November, and the person i’ve gained perspective with (in the romance sector of my world) has been more than eye opening. i wouldn’t have been able to survive the confusing months leading up to without your confidence boosting reading, and i really really appreciated the work you did on it. and am so happy everything you saw came to be and can attest to the talent you and your spirit guides have ! seriously thank you. i’m forever grateful!
          • I did a 2018 Overview last December and couldn’t fathom most of the things in the reading that Marie predicted. Now, almost a year later, I’m blown away by the accuracy.

          • Holy. S**t!!! I have missed you. The details you knew were f***g unreal (excuse my French but I am seriously blown away right now), and they were things there’s NO WAY you could’ve known like at all, from relationship dynamics, to past behaviors, to HAIR COLOR?!?!?! I swear I read your email and called my best friend immediately after because I was so impressed.

          • Dear Marie
            Firstly I follow you on Instagram as ‘****’ and your funny one liners kill me..it’s so funny.. Secondly I wasn’t sure when to email you, as I wanted to wait a while... it I could not hold off any longer..Your reading for me last year around pregnancy was spot on. Earlier this year when I had a miscarriage from an ivf schedule, I couldn’t possibly understand how your timeframes would match the ivf schedule. (None of it did)
            Turns out I never needed ivf...i never believed that my body could do it on its own, based on what the docs told me.. and here I am today 5 weeks pregnant naturally!!!
            Your readings initially confused me, but it happened like you said..I cannot begin to tell you how I feel, overwhelmed , excited beyond belief, mostly thrilled off course.
            Your reading was so accurate, i will definitely be coming for followups..I’m praying we stay healthy.. and everything is as it should be..
            Thank you for giving me hope, when darkness and sadness had overwhelmed me, and mostly knowing that your God-given talent is meant to help and heal those in need. Your gift is an amazing beautiful one..use it wisely. (I’m not sure why I am dishing out advice to you, but it felt like the right thing to say now).

          • Hi Marie, I hope this finds you well. I just thought I would reach out because you gave me both this email reading as well as a phone reading back in July.

            At that time, you told me that I would find employment on or after the date of September 17th. You also told me that I should look for remote work and that I am good at sales, and that travel and hospitality are the right fit for me, during a period when I was considering studying UI design and changing to the tech industry.

            Well, I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice - I looked for remote work in my field of travel and hospitality, and I just got offered a job! And the craziest thing is that they want me to start on September 17th! I'm ecstatic as it's really the perfect job for me and was exactly what I was looking for. It is such a good fit.

            I can't believe how accurate you were and that you predicted the date.

            Thank you
          • If you’re looking for the Read Deal, you’ve found her. Marie is brilliant at what she does. I’ve had a few readings and was completely blown away with the accuracy and honest truth she gave me. The level of accuracy with no previous info proves she has real gifts. She is very straight forward and to the point. She did know tons about me without me saying a word. I feel blessed and honored  to have found her. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for answers or just wants a sense of direction to find the time to call Marie. Do yourself a favor, and make your appointment now. You won’t regret it. Blessings. - ZR 
          • Wow you are incredible! We literally just started the mortgage paperwork process this week, and I’ve been waiting for the guy to get back to me about what programs we can go with.  So what do you mean by that- improved on? I wonder if the fact that we just started the paperwork process and don’t know if we need to do anything additional could be why you keep getting that we need to re-work our application? The challenges you’re seeing are related to the house stuff, right? You also NAILED that about the search because I’ve been feeling like it has been a waste of time looking for houses right now, and have actually only been checking every so often. But I have to say this is the coolest thing ever, and I feel way more prepared knowing that it’s going to be a little difficult but will get better in September with us closing on a house in October. You are amazing, I cannot wait to have you do more readings!!

          • Good evening Marie, I just wanted to let you know that I got a  new job just like you said. I am still in shock. I thank you so much for guiding me and appreciate everything you've done.
          • Yes. Marie is my go-to. Her ability to predict things is uncanny. Even things I think she didn’t get, I end up finding out are/came true. I have many predictions from her but my favorite one from this year is when she predicted I would have a pregnancy scare. I thought it was BS, but sure enough I had one in the timeframe she gave me. Thankfully I was okay but I was flabbergasted. A few years ago, she also predicted a break up between my love interest and his girlfriend. She predicted the week it would happen, and it came true. She is truly phenomenal.

          • "I have counted on Marie’s extraordinary abilities as a reader for some time now as she is someone that has proven to be highly ethical, trustworthy and reliable. Recently, I lost a loved one with whom I had been out of contact with for years before her departure, never having had a chance to speak to her again or say goodbye. Feeling the real sense that I was suffering from a kind of frozen state of helplessness and grief — both for my loved one, but also for the lost chance to communicate with her before she left this world — I decided to contact Marie for a mediumship session. 

            I had never had a mediumship session with her before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was able to connect right away and with a specificity and depth that was remarkable. I had no doubt whatsoever that she was making a very real and strong connection, and it was immediately obvious to me that she is not only very gifted medium, but also a very clear channel.

            I have sought out Marie for insight and clarity on multiple occasions regarding different people and situations and she has never failed to provide me with answers and assistance. This was no exception. I experienced a kind of closure that I don’t know that I could have otherwise experienced, and for that I am profoundly grateful. Thank you, Marie." - Miya S., June 2018

          • Even if there's nothing Supernatural about it and you just have one of the highest levels of empathy and intuition that I've ever known in my life. I don't care, I brought your readings into court for Chri$t's sake, and f$ck we discovered you were right.

          • Marie was right about details and aspects of my life I didn't even know existed. It was truly enlightening experience that left me in a great place to face my waves of life head on. So worth the cash and beyond worth the time. Do it for yourself.
          • Hey Marie. I asked you a few weeks ago about a business transaction and a possibility of moving to another state and you told me it wasn't in my energy and wouldn't happen. Today, I got the confirmation the transaction would not be happening ... so yes  .... you were right ;-) I just want to show people you can actually see things not happening. Not selling all rainbows and unicorns.

          • Thanks Marie I’m glad you could help with that decision, I kept hesitating on wether to apply for another job. I didn’t want to leave H--- she’s a great chick and an amazing chef, also they feel like family. You are one of few people who I have got a reading off that could pinpoint exactly what I have to work on, thank you. 

          • OMG, you told me I was going to get a client back that I had before. I just landed it, huge huge huge case that's in the news and there are 3 plp involved that I worked with over the last -10 years who are all involved! You're insanely psychic.

            Wow Marie!
          • So in order to get chemo, rockys blood count had to go up enough- or else the vets would refuse treatment. I called early Thursday and went head to head with her. She was against it and didn’t believe it could be done due to the fact that his blood count had done nothing but fall lower and lower the last couple of weeks. I pushed through and she agreed to test his blood count at the last minute - but doubted that it would look any better. So I’m sitting waiting with him
            In a room and he looks and sounds awful.  And I’m going to be honest, I was doubting there was any hope he would even survive the next 48 hours- let alone get his blood count up enough for chemo. I was getting ready to consider putting him down... But it’s because he has been looking so much worse the last two days. 
            Then the vet bursts in and guess who defied all odds and proved miracles were real?! Rocky somehow to everyone’s surprise got his cell blood count enough for chemo. Everyone was very surprised and in awe and kept saying that this kind of stuff almost never happens. 
            I owe you so much. I never thought I’d get a little more time with him and it’s only thanks to you. You knew when the rest of us doubted and honestly that’s the only thing that kept me strong enough to push on. Thank you again for going above and beyond for us.

          • Hi Marie!
            Just wanted to do a quick update from today’s vet visit since it was the first check up since proper treatment (not trying to bother you too much!) 
            Vet is very pleased with his stats as well as physical appearance. Blood-work has all come up and he’s got his heart rate and breathing down. He’s feeling a bit more like himself and it’s all thanks again to our angel Marie!

            Have a great weekend!

          • You were right - got a job offer in March and starting next week. My salary + bonus potential definitely is more towards the $90k range you gave!

          • Marie was right about details and aspects of my life I didn’t even know existed. It was a truly enlightening experience that left me in a great place to face my waves of life head on. So worth the cash and beyond worth the time. Do it for yourself.
        • You were right about my car! I bought it fairly quickly on the Saturday!

        • Good evening Marie I just wanted to let you know that I got a new job just like you said. I am still in shock. I thank you so much for guiding me, and appreciate everything that you've done!

        • You were right about the house, it's the brown one! Moving tomorrow.
          • Marie you predicted my pregnancy! You saw somewhat of a family come together in February next year - well our baby boy is due in February 18th! So True!

          • She predicted my pregnancy very accurate + she predicted the relationship with my husband! You can order email readings for fair prices 🙏🏼 she is worth every penny 🌿 I wouldn't recommend her if I wasn't 100% satisfied and sure about her, she is great! 
            German: auf der Suche nach einem Medium, was keinen Humbug erzählt? Medium Marie hat meine Schwangerschaft vorausgesehen und ebenfalls auch die Beziehung mit meinem Mann damals! Ich bin 100% überzeugt von ihr und würde sie sonst nicht empfehlen. Sie gibt darüberhinaus ziemlich gute Angaben zu Zeiträumen, bei mir hat es beide Male gestummen - jeden Cent wert! Sie hatte mir damals auf den Sommer 15' hin meine Beziehung zu meinem Mann vorausgesagt, hat sogar gesehen, dass ich die Wohnung untervermieten werde um zu ihm zu ziehen (bei uns ging alles so schnell, hätte meine Freundin damals nicht zufälligerweise eine Untermieterin für mich zum gleichen Zeitpunkt gehabt, wären wir erst im Winter zusammengezogen) + sie hat ihn recht gut beschrieben vom charakther her. Bei meiner jetzigen schwangerschaft hat sie die monate mai und feburar gesehen, wobei sie im februar 18' eine familienzusammenkunft voraussagte - im mai fing mein glückszyklus an und im februar ist der geburtsmonat wie alle hier wissen 😍🙏🏼😱 daher macht es auch perfekt sinn mit der familienzusammenkunft! Die sitzungen mit ihr sind nicht teuer und sie braucht als angabe nur euren namen oder auch den vom partner und einen kurzen prägnanten satz/frage. Per email kann man die antwort auch anfordern, ist halt alles auf englisch weil sie amerikanerin ist. Wie zum beispiel: jessica & dominik, wann werden wir schwanger. 
            Ich habe seit jahren erfahrung mit sowas und kann wirklich ehrlich sagen, dass sie bislang die beste ist und sehr akkurat war bei mir! Sowas hab ich noch nie erlebt! 
            THANK YOU Marie 

          • Marie has been very accurate in previous readings. It was the same for this reading. Previously, what she said happened when she said it would and she had given several pieces of information in a reading and everything happened as predicted. This reading, 100% she described a situation to the T and all I did was give a name. No one could have guessed at the specifics and provided such accurate details without the gift of being psychic. I also enjoy her personality, very personable and friendly, easy to talk to. I like her style of reading. Thank you, your gift provided me with clarity and insight. I've read the notes over and over.

          • Dear Marie, Wow, this resonated with me deeply but it was exactly what I needed to hear. To the point and honest. Yes, I did end the relationship, due to behaviour and feeling doubtful about our mutual growth together. It is definitely hard to accept, but essential. I am doing well, but still held on to a glimmer of hope, despite knowing it was not the right timing. You are so gifted and again, I am overwhelmed by how deeply accurate everything you have said has been. Thank you so much for this amazing reading and for your time."

          • "I called Marie about a troubled long term relationship. She told me that things would all take a turn for the better on a specific date. Between the time of the call and that date things got terrible and I lost hope. Then on the exact date Marie said things would get better... my ex came to my work with roses and a hand written card (he had never done this) and apologized for everything taking full responsibility. A huge surprise to me and on the exact date Marie told me!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Now I know she can guide me to the best path when I feel confused or lost on a specific issue. It's really an incredible gift."

          • She's by far the only person who has given me a specific date, not time frames, and what she predicted would happen that day did. I woke up to a message she said I would receive June 1st. I followed up with a detailed reading via email. She responded back in great detail and hit everything spot on... now it's a waiting game to see what the end of the year brings. I connected with her very well maybe because we also have the same birthday thought that was pretty cool :) Thank you so much. Highly recommend to give her a try!

          • "First time calling and fantastic reading, Marie immediately described the dynamic of my relationship. We broke up, again but are talking. I dropped the phone when Marie said you'll be back together and celebrating on your birthday or maybe his birthday ... but a birthday on the 19th. My birthday is on the 19th. I'm floored."

          • "I did an email reading with Marie and she literally used the exact words that were used in the conversation I was asking about. "Just dropped in to say hi" - She also knew the EXACT action that was taken. Never surprised but always amazed"

          • "I have talked to Marie twice now and both times her predictions and reading was DEAD on. She knew things about my relationship that I know she didn't want to say, but it truly validated it for me. I look forward to speaking with her again soon."

          • "Very insightful, far reaching and saw my grandson by name and his upcoming visit!!! I was shocked. I will call again!"

          • "I love getting a reading with you. You have read for me 3 times and you pick up personal details without information from me. This reading, as you were reading the present, you picked up on a situation from the past in which my friends home got flooded, down to a busted pipe, and he had to move. You got every bit of that, and it had already happened. I also really enjoy your delivery, and personality. Thank you. I will call again."

          • "Yaaaayyyy Marie your first prediction came to pass!! Got the job you saw for me. You saw a large international company but I'd be working at a smaller business attached to it, which is exactly that and I am starting on the 14th, the exact date you said I would. Amazing!!!! So glad I finally found an accurate psychic :-)"

          • "About 3 months ago Marie said my mother in law, who is gunning to move in with us won't move in but we'll be taking care of her for a week, ten days sometime soon. I was like no way. Today, my partner just told me he offered his mom our home for 1 week/10 days to recover from a surgery. Seriously - how on earth would she know that was coming? I'm a believer over and over and over again."

          • "Marie is an incredibly gifted psychic. She immediately tuned into my daughter, accurately describing everything that's transpiring in her life right now and her big bright, positive future. I didn't give any details, my question was how is my daughters future and Marie made me say her name three times into the phone. She immediately picked up that my daughter was suffering from what seems to be a major life changing depression that wasn't a clinical depression, she doesn't want to predict health readings but Marie said my daughter was struggling with the idea that her future was being taken away from her and how she's struggling with anger and frustration and her life was put on complete hold. She went into detail about how my daughter kept feeling like my daughter experienced a life shocking event that she is struggling greatly with seeing if she even has a future. Marie predicted the months of May and July which were key months for specific outcomes, and that our daughter would receive great news about a test result, but it wasn't school related. Marie asked me if my daughter was taking outside exams or studies for she was confused about how a test result for my daughters future wasn't school related. I asked one more question about my daughters future, I asked what her career would be. Marie said she would focus on science, math and the structure of things. I almost dropped the phone when Marie said my daughter is intersted in how the blood works and disease. Only a true psychic would have picked this up. My daughter, who is a junior in high school was diagnosed with lipoma. She had to withdraw from school to receive treatment. She is angry and does feel like her life is on hold and future is uncertain. She has been researching the cancer on her own and decided to go into medicine and diseases. My daughters final tests and bloodwork are in June. These are the tests Marie saw that weren't school related. At the end of the call I gave Marie the details and she said she was happy that I didn't tell her my question was health related, because health advice should be handled by doctors and of course we should continue remaining positive and continuing with the treatment. She was happy the information lined up. All I told Marie was my daughters name. She is outstanding - Chandra"

          • I love getting a reading with you. You have read for me 3 times and you pick up personal details without information from me. This reading, as you were reading the present, you picked up on a situation from the past in which my friends home got flooded, down to a busted pipe, and he had to move. You got every bit of that, and it had already happened. I also really enjoy your delivery, and personality. Thank you. I will call again.

          • Marie not only answers the questions that you ask, she tells yo what you really need to know. Without her vision my husband would have been toast when his radiator blew in is truck. With a head's up from her he knew what is was and what to do-forever grateful!

          • I called Marie asking her to help me find a missing cheque, she kindly explained that remote viewing is not her forte but she will try, and if it doesn't work this time she will send me some free minutes to try again (this is professionalism!!). It turns out that her remote viewing is a lot better than she gives herself credit for, because she told me exactly where to look (a drawer of an oak dresser, shoved in with some clothing), and I just found it!!! Marie also told me I left something important in my car, and I will go take a look at that soon. Thanks Marie!!!

          • Marie "WOWs" me, every time! She has an amazing insight on what is happening and what will transpire! First, she was right about my first relationship reading; such as living together and opposite schedules and all his depression and other characteristics. He is bipolar and has high and lows. She even predicted that his schedule will change and when it would change and it did. She always knows what he is really going to do even when I think he will do something else, just because he said he was going to. She even said he needed to take up a hobby and she felt baseball. He is not into sports at all and doesn't even watch them, but he only played baseball when he was in high school and at the time she said it, he was at his daughter's softball game. Marie is amazing! I will continue to ask Marie for her insight!
          • I have had email, phone and text sessions with Marie. Every session I’ve had has made me feel validated in my feelings and brought me a sense of peace. Whenever i have felt confused or needed some clarity I’ve reached out. Marie has been spot on about a complicated situation I’ve been going through, her timeline has been amazingly accurate. The prediction hasn’t completely manifested BUT it has been progressing at the rate Marie told me to expect.