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Hey there! Just wanted to give you a heads up that my phone schedule is currently closed. But don't worry, keep an eye on my website because I'll be opening up random spots. My time is still limited, as I'm still recovering from surgery (update Nov '23). I can't wait to connect with you soon! - Marie

Welcome, I've helped indiviudals cultivate breakthroughs since 1998. As a Medium and Psychic, I am known for my ability to predict information down to an exact date or within a given time range. This unique skill has proven to be immensely helpful for those in business, as well as for those looking to strategize and plan their lives. Let's work together to unlock your full potential.

"I never once encountered a reader whose date prediction EVER came true on the specific date or number of days. I can’t say that anymore. I called Marie to ask about a guy who had been M.I.A. for nearly a year, she told me he would contact me on the 19th. I chuckled that she gave me an exact date, I was 100% sure he wouldn’t. Guess who was wrong? Yup, I was! Marie was 100% correct! Call her!" {read more testimonials}

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How Journaling Can Help You Read Your Future

Are you curious about what lies ahead in your future? Do you wish you could anticipate potential challenges and be prepared for opportunities? With the power of automatic writing and Future Progression, you can be better equipped to navigate the...

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A Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Techniques, Tips, and Exercises

Lucid Dreaming can also be used as a tool for magick by enabling us to communicate with others through the astral plane. By becoming self-aware within the dream, we can access the power of the unconscious mind and connect with...

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How sleep can be a magickal ritual

The night can be a mystical portal, leading us on a journey to the depths of our souls. Sleep, in all its restorative power, can serve as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and connection. As we slumber, our bodies rejuvenate and our minds slip into the unconscious, opening the door to the unknown. But, with the practice of Lucid Dreaming, we can become self-aware within the dream, allowing us to adjust and create shifts in our unconscious mind, which then create shifts in our waking life.

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What my clients are saying

"The first intuitive reading I ever had was with a very well-known psychic, Sonia Choquette, over 20 years ago (It was the early days at her home in Chicago - I’m not sure if she had even published a book yet).  It was amazing because she predicted certain things in my life AND helped me on my spiritual journey and no one has ever come close to that experience until my reading with Marie.

Not only did Marie tune in to a very specific event in my past but also shed light on certain things I had been mulling over, which validated my own intuition - all without knowing anything about me.She is grounded and straight-forward as well as generous, kind and very clearly super smart.  I felt like she was in my corner, offering guidance for my highest good yet willing to say the hard things (with love!) if necessary.Since the bar was set very high for me I rarely recommend readers yet Marie has my full endorsement."

- Client  [More Testimonials]