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Since 1998, I've guided people to answers. As a Medium and Psychic, I accurately predict future events down to the exact date or within given timeframes.

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I never once encountered a reader whose date prediction EVER came true on the specific date or number of days. I can’t say that anymore. I called Marie to ask about a guy who had been M.I.A. for nearly a year, she told me he would contact me on the 19th. I chuckled that she gave me an exact date, I was 100% sure he wouldn’t. Guess who was wrong? Yup, I was! Marie was 100% correct! Call her!

Accurate Timing

You named so many of the things that I've been spinning on for months or, in some cases, years. The value of putting words to those alone is really significant to me. You're obviously incredibly good at what you do. Beyond just getting right to the heart of everything that's had me in knots, you were super efficient with our time. I thought for certain there wouldn't be time to untangle all of that in an hour, but you were able to do it in 45 minutes and then graciously credit me back time for a future session. Thanks for that.

Get Clarity

When we spoke you my company had closed and I was searching for work. You stated I would find a job and begin the end of February or beginning of March. I had the option to begin Feb 24th or March 9th ❤️ I enjoyed my call with you. At first I felt you could be more personable but I soon realized I misread you. It was a reflection on myself and where I was personally. You were wonderful and to the point which I appreciate greatly as I hate being lied to and I do not enjoy the “fluff”. Thank You

Job Search

I first called Marie 2012 and then again in 2022 because she was spot on in her insight and guidance over the last decade. She gives you grounded advice based on her objective intuition which has proven successful over the course of many years. She is worth every penny!

Decade(s) of Proven Insight

Tarot & Astrology

Golden Eclipse

  • Golden Eclipse tarot

    Explore the future with the Golden Eclipse® tarot created by Marie Satori, famous for predicting future events down to the exact date. This tarot deck seamlessly blends tarot, astrology, and planetary magick, offering a window into the future like no other.
  • Golden Eclipse Tarot Guidebook

    Marie Satori unveils the esoteric teachings behind the Fool's Journey as a tool for spiritual awakening and self-discovery. This guidebook is a collection of over thirty years of tarot study and application.

    Available on
  • 'As Above, So Below: A Guide to Astrology for Tarot Readers'

    Learn how Tarot & Astrology correspond, guided by the Hermetic principle 'as above, so below.' A practical manual for integrating astrology and tarot in your journey of self-exploration. Learn how to read your natal chart through the lens of tarot, navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.

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Marie Satori · As Above, So Below: A Guide to Astrology For Tarot Readers


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