2020 Astrology Reading with Lara Noel

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New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipses impacting us over the next two months! Wondering what the eclipse season will bring in for you! Schedule a phone session (starting at 15 mis) astrology reading and find out how the Eclipses may be affecting you. I’ll answer one astro related question you’re curious aboutTell you where the eclipses are falling in your chart How to best prepare for themAnd what gifts they’re bringing you! Tell you where the eclipses are falling in your chart and how to best prepare for them. You must have an accurate birth time so I can give you the best reading possible! 

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Mediumship - Soul Connections


So often we wish for just one more opportunity to ask speak to someone we’ve cared for, or have unresolved issues with. This process will provide that sense of peace and closure. As a medium I can connect to your high self, and/or to a person who has passed on (or still living). This allows us to work together to resolve issues left hanging, gain clarity and insight, and closure to a relationship as needed. We will look at dynamics that were and are in play and break through and regain a sense of understanding and peace.

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2020: Ancestral Healing Journey - Shed unproductive patterns

Guest Journey with Lara Noel

Clear limiting beliefs and reclaim wounded parts of yourself and your ancestral lineage. Ancestral Healing is one approach that allows us to reclaim our power and reframe the past by connecting with an ancestor or past life. This method is helpful when we see repeating patterns in our family line in any area of life including: money, relationships, family, career, physical and mental health. 

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Coach with Me: Entrepreneur, Muse & Creative Sessions

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You’re a business owner, executive and / or entrepreneur's open to increasing the volume of your practice; You may even have untapped intuitive and creative abilities of your own, so, let’s work together to bring your creative ideas to market. This process helps blast through any mental blocks & resistance - to formulate and get your best ideas out into the world, quicker. 

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Telepathic & Empathic Communication - Online Audio Guide & Meditation

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This is a meditation and exercise that I hold very close to my heart. I have heard many of you struggle with wanting or needing to communicate with someone whom you have either fallen out of touch with; or, perhaps we are unable to speak with face to face.  This is a tool and guide that has been passed down to me, and I use in my one on one sessions. For those of you who want or need to communicate with another, let me guide you in how to accurately communicate and send a thought or emotion  (telepathically & empathically) to another person - or pet / animal.

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Tarot Channeled Message

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Pre-Recorded Channeled Message • Inhale & Exhale • Clear you mind, and select which card calls to you (left or right).

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What my clients are saying

"If you’re looking for the Read Deal, you’ve found her. Marie is brilliant at what she does. I’ve had a few readings and was completely blown away with the accuracy and honest truth she gave me. The level of accuracy with no previous info proves she has real gifts. She is very straight forward and to the point. She did know tons about me without me saying a word. I feel blessed and honored  to have found her. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for answers or just wants a sense of direction to find the time to call Marie. Do yourself a favor, and make your appointment now. You won’t regret it. Blessings."

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