Cultivating breakthroughs since 1998. I am a Medium & Psychic known for predicting information to a date (or within a time range). This is immensely helpful in business, as well as strategizing your life plan.

"I never once encountered a reader whose date prediction EVER came true on the specific date or number of days. I can’t say that anymore. I called Marie to ask about a guy who had been M.I.A. for nearly a year, she told me he would contact me on the 19th. I chuckled that she gave me an exact date, I was 100% sure he wouldn’t. Guess who was wrong? Yup, I was! Marie was 100% correct! Call her!" {read more}

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Golden Eclipse Tarot

A circular tarot deck that joins tarot, astrology, and planetary magick. Double-sided gold foil tarot cards with zodiac wheel, featuring astrological correspondences.

The Golden Eclipse tarot is named after the merging of polar energies that occurs during a kundalini awakening — the process wherein evolutionary energy makes its way up the bodily chakras, or spiritual energy centers, on the inner path to enlightenment. Part of this process entails the merging of dualities, enabling the mind to transcend beyond the perspective of separation.

In Alchemy, the eclipse represents the union of opposite forces: the sun, which symbolizes the masculine, and the moon, which symbolizes the feminine. Esoteric traditions purport that this merging of these two polar energy channels occurs where kundalini energy flows, and the awakening individual, or 'kundalite,' experiences states of unity consciousness, or oneness with the Universe. Through a kundalini awakening, the Higher Self emerges and the individual integrates the truth of his/her/their inherent divinity. The Kundalite thereby discovers the keys to discern the ancient symbolism veiled in the unfolding; an inner path that leads to cosmically-granted, intuitive gifts.

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Buy sessions at discount in bulk. WTF package options are available if you're navigating a challenging situation that is lingering, has you feeling stuck, and you need the energetic and spiritual support to help you breakthrough.

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Why can't I stop thinking about you?


One of the most frequent client statements is, "I know I need to move on, but I cannot stop thinking about my ex." It's normal to hear a client say this after the first 6 months or years following the end of a long-term relationship. Yet, even with the logic of knowing that one must "move on" - thinking and dreaming that results from still feeling the energetic connection between the two people, can be hard to stop without disconnecting on all levels. It's a difficult challenge to stop thinking and dreaming of someone while there is still an energetic, or psychic, connection alive.

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Mediumship - Soul Connections


So often we wish for just one more opportunity to ask speak to someone we’ve cared for, or have unresolved issues with. This process will provide that sense of peace and closure. As a medium I can connect to your high self, and/or to a person who has passed on (or still living). This allows us to work together to resolve issues left hanging, gain clarity and insight, and closure to a relationship as needed. We will look at dynamics that were and are in play and break through and regain a sense of understanding and peace. After checkout, I will personally email you within 48 hours to schedule your session.

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Gift energy

An e-Gift Card is the perfect way to distribute energy and good vibes.

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What my clients are saying

"The first intuitive reading I ever had was with a very well-known psychic, Sonia Choquette, over 20 years ago (It was the early days at her home in Chicago - I’m not sure if she had even published a book yet).  It was amazing because she predicted certain things in my life AND helped me on my spiritual journey and no one has ever come close to that experience until my reading with Marie.

Not only did Marie tune in to a very specific event in my past but also shed light on certain things I had been mulling over, which validated my own intuition - all without knowing anything about me.She is grounded and straight-forward as well as generous, kind and very clearly super smart.  I felt like she was in my corner, offering guidance for my highest good yet willing to say the hard things (with love!) if necessary.Since the bar was set very high for me I rarely recommend readers yet Marie has my full endorsement."

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