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Health Update and Recovery Update

By Marie Satori

Hi Everyone, It feels like an eternity since I last posted or wrote. I opened up my Whatsapp and email sessions. I wanted to update you on my journey and reassure you that, YES, I'm still doing readings. I just took a break. Let me fill you in. ...

In November 2022, I underwent ankle reconstruction surgery following a fall that resulted in a fractured ankle and torn tendon. Despite a year filled with physical therapy, countless appointments, enduring pain, and numerous imaging tests, I remain with restricted mobility.

Sticking to a regular schedule to provide sessions was difficult, I often had to reschedule sessions to attend more medical appointments, or was running late from appointments, or need to cancel due to fatigue/pain from recovery; this process often overwhelmed me. The source of this ongoing pain was identified, and I had a second surgery Feb 2024.

Right now, as of April 21st, 2024 I've started Physical Therapy and have opened a few hours of Email & Whatsapp sessions per week. My phone schedule will remain closed, as I focus on PT. I invite you to book an email or Whatsapp session.


PS - However, during this introspective pause, I discovered a silver lining: I could write. This period of bedrest became a creative pause (I didn't ask for 😊) to write the 'Golden Eclipse: As Above, So Below - A Guide to Astrology for Tarot Readers.' (also available on I wrote the book I wish I had when I was learning both tarot & astrology.

The book is available in linen-wrap hard cover and paperback. There's also a limited amount of Golden Eclipse tarot decks for sale. Which make amazing magickal gifts for yourself or your tarot/astrology loving friends.

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