Refer a friend

If you were going to tell them anyway, why not get $60 towards your next appointment? How does it work? Let me tell you ...

1. You send the Refer a Friend offer via email, text, Facebook, etc. to your friends (who has never purchased a session) and I'll gift them 20% off to experience a session.

2. After you friend registers, books and completes their session, you'll receive $60* credit. It's that simple! If you enjoy our sessions, as much as I hope you do -  I'd like to thank you for spreading the word.

Click on the button that looks like this, on the bottom left of your screen:
Refer a friend

OFFER DETAILS: Your friends must be new client, and needs to book an appointment within 30 days of the date you share your referral code; otherwise, your friend's promotion and your offer will expire. Both your account and your friend's account must be in good standing for you to be eligible to receive the reward. Once your friend has booked and completed an appointment, your referral reward will be posted to your account. You can invite as many friends as you feel would benefit or would be interested in a session. 

*$60 is a credit towards a session, and does not have cash value. This is something new that I am doing - I am offering this rewards program, because I want to thank you. I, Marie Satori, reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend the Refer a Friend program at her sole discretion.