The Negative Impact of Over-Reading: How Frequently Calling Different Psychics Can Delay Your Relationship Outcome

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The Negative Impact of Over-Reading: How Frequently Calling Different Psychics Can Delay Your Relationship Outcome

By Marie Satori

Many of you are calling Psychic Advisors because you want to know if your ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, or new partner wants to reunite, or be in a relationship with you. Your question is valid - in your situation, I too would like to know the same thing. However, calling too many Psychic Advisors about the same question WILL ruin your chances of your desired outcome. Why? You can choose to believe it or not - but you can not ignore it. We are all energetically connected. Create anxiety, confusion and energetically drain both yourself and those you are asking about. Which results in delay, road-blocks and sometimes a dead-end, to what could have been a positive outcome.

Please read e-mail from a client I helped out of this cycle:

9/28/2009 - passionflower54

"28/9 I was waiting for the date of Marie's prediction and see what would happen." Marie predicted a certain date for contact in september, and when the date came and went, now in tears. "Marie was surprised because she felt that the contact really took place She felt that all that. "She felt that all the time." She felt that all that. She was advised to stay away from calling advisors, including herself, for 7 - 10 days readings were disturbing the energy, and that's what caused the delay.

She was RIGHT! I did not call anyone for over a week and it happened as she said. Yesterday, on day 9, I ran into him, unexpectedly - its been a year since we last spoke. We talked, went for a drink, and even a meal, cleared up a few issues, and contact was restored. Today we exchanged a few emails, as if time has not passed. Marie sees more coming, and I'm very happy about that.

The point I want to make here is one can call too many advisors. Obviously I was anxious to have him back, but did not know what to do about it. I was confused because it was almost all advisors, but I was sorry, but I would say it was a mistake. The one thing that stayed unclear what WHEN. So I would call the next one and the one after that. Marie put her finger on it, saying that getting too many readings was making the energy muddy through all the "poking". When I follow her, things started happening. 

Thank you Marie. Many blessings. " 

What they do not know - can hurt them! Just because he or she does not know how much they're thinking about them - does not mean they do not "feel it". This is very similar to the concept of craft work, or spell work. Too much energy, sometimes there is a pull back (or energetic clog). Some intuitives will tap into the persons aura and energy; 

If you are frequently calling psychics to energetically read on your situation or person in question - you are constantly "stirring" the energetic soup bowl. Further, depending on the type of psychic you are getting, it's even possible that you are actually energetically draining yourself and those in question. 

How? Here is a specific example:

Empaths are highly sensitive. This is the term commonly used in describing one's abilities (sensitivity) to another's emotions and feelings. Empathics "feel" other peoples emotions. They are asking about the "aura" (energy field) of the person. When asked to read your situation, the empath connects to the energy of the situation to "reading it". In short seeing how he or she "feels". 

All this tapping is very similar to energetic poke. What happens when someone tries to reach out and grab you? You instinctively react by PULLING BACK. The more you energetically poke (psychic readings) and reach, the more the other person wants to feel this subconsciously, and react by pulling back. This is one cause for the "push-pull" effect.

How does getting too many psychic readings affect the timing of an outcome? 
A popular idiom comes to mind when answering this question: "Too many cooks in the kitchen; too many cooks spoil the broth / soup." The more and more readings you get - the more you are the energy of the situation (our soup). With the more cooks in the kitchen (Psychics), stirring the energetic broth - our ingredients (people / places / situation) are energetically stirred up as well, not giving the situation time to settle and rest. Resulting is a foul tasting soup. Which will need more tweaks and readings? by having too many cooks (Psychics) in the kitchen to begin with.

Never mind the confusion of your little one. In short: getting too many Psychic Readings on the same topic or question create nothing less than confusion and chaos. The more you energetically "poke" the other person, the more s / he feels this, and wants to pull back. Resulting in a spiraling effect and delays in your outcome. 

When you truly love someone - you can love them freely (without fear or attachments) When you release another person from your energy field, you are actually freeing their energy so it can be returned to you. If at the present moment, your desire to reunite - freeing yourself of their energy wants help speed and ease this process. As your past partner energy returns to them, their body wants to filter the old negative energy. They will not feel anxious, which makes it easier to communicate with them. Once you have successfully returned his / her energy - the two of you can begin to reunite in a more pure fashion. 

Marie Satori's suggestions for a successful outcome: 

  1. Be selective - only choose your situation to be "energetically tap into" your situation. I suggest having 3 top value advisors.
  2. Value your time and money - calling many Psychic wants NOT help your desired outcome to happen faster. 
  3. Breathe - give the situation time to unfold! 


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