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Ever wonder what your pet or any animal is thinking? Or curious on why they are behaving in a certain way? Discover insights into your pet's actions, feelings, and overall well-being.

As a Medium, I specialize in animal communication, connecting with pets both present and passed, including those lost or displaying behavioral issues. My services encompass finding lost pets, addressing behavioral challenges, connecting with deceased pets, facilitating end-of-life conversations, and assisting in the grieving process.

  • Behavioral Issues: Delve into the root causes of surprising or problematic behaviors.
  • Wellness Check-in: Assess your pet's current state of happiness and any needs they might have.
  • Energy Blocks: Sometimes pets experience energetic blocks due to physical or emotional trauma.  I can identify areas where these blocks reside and can help you share this information with your local Veterinarian.
  • Expanding Family: Help your pet adjust to a new human or animal member of the family, understanding the personality of the newcomer and how they might integrate with your existing family setup.
  • End of Life Transitions: Provide support in understanding your pet's emotional and physical state as they approach the end of their life, ensuring their comfort and conveying any final messages.
  • Animals in Spirit: Facilitate communication with your pet after they've passed away.

At check-out, please write a brief overview of your situation, including your question, a recent photo of your pet, their name, age, gender, and how long they've been part of your family. You'll receive an automatic email after check-out, which you can respond with the photo of your pet, or animal in question.