Ritual: Mal’Occhio (Protection & Cleansing)

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The Mal'occhio, or "evil eye" as it's known in English, is a belief in Sicilian culture. The Mal'occhio ritual serves both as a removal and a protective measure. It's designed to eliminate negative energy and can be performed proactively as a preventative measure before significant life events such as a wedding, a promotion, or the purchase of a new home. This helps in clearing away or protecting oneself against negativity and unwanted jealousy.

At checkout please provide your full name, birth date, and current city (where you are located, not where you were born), along with a detailed description of your situation.


  1. Ritual Work - The ritual will begin one week after your order and can take an estimated 7-10 days to complete. You will receive an email after the ritual has been completed. I do this, so you can remain detached and allow the energy to take effect.
  2. Ritual Work with Water & Olive Oil Divination - This includes the energy work to remove the evil eye, as well as the water and olive oil divination to determine the strength of energy that has been sent your way, and where it may be coming from and how many people are involved.
  3. Emergency Rush Working - In some cases, clients need immediate energetic support. For emergency ritual work, I can begin the ritual within 72, and sometimes the same day of booking.

Services are not available on holidays or holiday weekends. They'll be scheduled for the next business day. I don't perform rituals on Sundays.