About Marie

Aquarius Sun. Scorpio Moon. Gemini Rising

Marie Satori is a medium, muse, strategist & entrepreneur coach. She’s a New York City native, who studied Design, Programming, Buddhist Philosophy and Religion.You can usually find her in NYC or Barcelona.

Hi, I'm Marie (aka: Medium Marie) I am both a clairvoyant, clairaudient and have been reading professionally since 1995. I began studying the occult sciences when I was eight years old, and then followed an eight-year apprenticeship. I began her psychic professional journey in 1995; starting with brick and mortar, then festivals (owning and operating seven intuition booths for 16 years at the NYRF: New York Renaissance Festival), corporate events, retreats, remote sessions, and in-house practices. I continued my studies in my early 30's at the Omega Institute, as well as studying Buddhist philosophy and religion during my undergrad. I have over 30 years of professional experience in the spiritual field and enjoy being of service to those who seek answers. I also share the wealth of my knowledge through the creation of the Golden Eclipse Tarot deck, book and spiritual system.

How I work? I tap directly into the collective unconscious where all information is shared and available. Where there is no "past, present or future" - all information is available in the now. Sounds pretty deep, but think of it as inputing a question into a computer and getting a response. What I need from you is an area of focus. Then, I will go in with this focus, and deliver a response.

I am also a medium and channel, and can connect with those who have passed on as well as your higher guides. However, I have found that throughout the years the method that is the most clear is when you go direct to Source.

I have studied the tarot, extensively, and offer apprenticeship that combine the tarot and channeling based on the oral tradition that has been passed down to me. However, I often don't use tools in my client appointments.

How I communicate I communicate clear, and most importantly I get to the heart of the matter quickly. I do not communicate in a flowery metaphors. I'm from NYC, and carry that no-nonsense down to earth style.

With that said, I choose to not use empathy to discern information. Why? People's emotions change based on various factors, and how someone is feeling today is not representative of how they will process and feel at a later time. Meaning, I do not need “your energy” or presence to deliver guidance. This allows me to offer sessions remote via phone, chat or email. What I do need, however, is your open mind, and your questions (I can help you phrase your questions if you're feeling lost or confused).

I believe that all people have the ability see what lies before them. However, I understand that we can be too close to a situation to perceive it with an open heart, and without fear or attachment.

I will start as soon as we are connected, and answer in a very timely fashion. My sessions are either 15, 30 or 45, or 60 minutes long. If you're confused to which session to schedule, think of the amount of time you'd like to spend in exploring your questions of topic. I am super flexible, you can always change your questions or topics at the time of the session, if it is a phone session.

The only sessions where you cannot change your topic is Mediumship sessions; I need to know in advance if you're scheduling a Mediumship session (talking to someones Spirit). If you book a phone session and want to switch to a Mediumship session at the time of our session, I will reschedule you. You can always opt out of a Mediumship session, to focus on your career etc, but can't opt in at the time of call.

Intuitive sessions are very useful and healing in times of a major life change, facing large decisions, navigating career paths, loss of a loved one or going through a separation. These sessions are also great tool for keeping in alignment with one’s path and purpose. My clients schedule them as needed, some seasonally, monthly or weekly. Use these sessions to foster and maintaining a sense of wellbeing.

Never be shy or embarrassed of booking multiple appointments during a  difficult life transition. I am use to my clients scheduling multiple appointment during a challenging time, and then go off to live their life and maintain a bi-monthly or seasonal sessions. I also have clients who book regular sessions, and use them for coaching - to help them get onto the career or relationship path that they're seeking. Our goal together is for peace of mind.

Understanding our sessions
Predictions are not infallible because they are subject to free will, and, therefore, can be altered or thwarted by your actions or the actions of others. Some future events are unavoidable - they are the result "effect" of past decisions and actions that have a profound ripple effect into our future. These events can be either pleasant or negative; depending on source cause. If it's a negative event, I can help guide you to soften the impact. If it's a positive event - great, we can celebrate together!

I can give you probability of an event occurring, if I see that it is not already solidified. Think physics of cause and effect - some of our past actions do have a rippling energetic effect to create a future event, that might not be avoidable. However, with the right information, you can create a more favorable future or problem solve to avoid any catastrophic event.

It doesn't always come up roses
It always makes me happy when I can deliver positive and happy information. Yet, life can be messy, and not everything I see will come up roses. I never like being the bearer of bad news; however I would not be of service if I kept you holding on to false hope; or give you a blanketed "oh it'll be okay."

Sometimes, things won't be okay - and it's better if I advise you to gather a support system to help you get through it; then be blindsided. I will not always tell you what you want to hear. It sucks, I know. I am direct and to the point, but I am here to help you make the best decision with all the available information at your disposal.

So, I will ask (if you’d like) if there are things in which you can do in the present moment, to make for a more favorable future.

Not a scripted
I don't use a script, and quite honestly it's offensive to think that someone would suggest that another would. However, I do want to address that many people's life events will have a similar answer and outcomes. As in, there are only so many ways someone can say, "he's just not that into you," or "you won't receive this career opportunity, keep interviewing."