Tip: Support the Work

Energy Exchange

Hi all, I am beyond happy to be of service to you. If you like what you read each week on IG, or find inspiration in our sessions and occasional pep talk, consider leaving a small token of appreciation. All tokens, help support the content and knowledge I share.

You can send direct to: PayPal.me/MarieSatori 

Community Sharing

I receive many requests for free sessions for those who are seeking work, or who have fallen on hard times looking for a free session. I especially try to offer gifted session to those who are struggling to find work. If you would like to help - you can purchase a gift certificate, in which I will gift / raffle off to those seeking work / help on social media.

The perfect way to distribute energy, and good vibes. 
Gift the e-gift card to someone within the community. 

* Purchase eGift Card & make me (m.marie.satori@gmail.com) or yourself the recipient, and we'll begin the steps to raffle off the card.