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I offer this ritual to open communication between two people. This can pave the way for meetings, reconciliations, employment-related interviews, career growth, and overall improvement or healing of relationships or the needed conversation towards closure or to "speak your peace".  Suitable for any situation requiring improved communication.

This ritual can help clear up misunderstandings between old friends, family members, or ex-partners. The goal is to open the doors of communication, which can lead to reigniting the relationship, reconciliation, or provide the opportunity to "say your peace", or gain closure.

At checkout please provide your full name, birth date, and current city (where you are located, not where you were born), along with a detailed description of your situation. Include the names and birth dates (or sun signs) of the other person (if known), along with the current city they are in. More detail will help me serve you better. 


  1. Ritual Work - The ritual will begin one week after your order and can take an estimated 7-10 days to complete. You will receive an email after the ritual has been completed. I do this, so you can remain detached and allow the energy to take effect.
  2. Ritual Work with a Healing Ritual - This ritual is designed for situations where communication has broken down, and there's resistance or avoidance to talking. This ritual includes added healing work. The ritual starts one week after your order and may take around 7-10 days to complete. You'll receive an email notification once it's done. This approach allows you to stay detached and lets the energy work its effects.
  3. Emergency Rush Working - In some cases, clients need immediate energetic support. For emergency ritual work, I can begin the ritual within 72, and sometimes the same day of booking.

Services are not available on holidays or holiday weekends. They'll be scheduled for the next business day. I don't perform rituals on Sundays.