Cancer New Moon & Saturn Rx


Cancer New Moon & Saturn Rx

By Marie Satori

Hi, I’m Marie Satori, creator of the Golden Eclipse Tarot, author, and psychic known for predicting accurate events down to the exact date. I’m going to cover two significant astrological events happening now: Saturn retrograde and the Cancer new moon.

During this time, emotions run high as we renegotiate our needs and open our hearts to what's in front of us. Any cracks in the foundations of our relationships, work, and home environment will be brought to our attention, allowing us to make necessary adjustments—either by repairing the situation or deciding to move on.

Saturn Retrograde:

When Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and hard-earned wisdom, goes retrograde in Pisces, the sign of dreams, intuition, karma, and spirituality, we are called to dive deep. Pisces, with its boundless and ethereal nature, often blurs the lines between reality and imagination. During Saturn's retrograde in this mystical sign, we are urged to reassess and strengthen our boundaries.

Saturn retrograde pushes everyone to mature and strive for improvement. If improvement isn't possible in a certain environment, it encourages you to make the adult and often difficult decision to walk away. Saturn rules time and will teach you that investing time in the wrong situation is self-harm. Saturn is considered the father of the zodiac, while Cancer is often seen as the mother, signaling this period as a time for universal parenting and tough love.

Pisces' shadow is escapism and illusion, and Saturn's backward journey through this sign can draw hidden fears and fantasies to the surface. Though this process might feel uncomfortable, it is an invaluable opportunity to confront and release these fears. By doing so, we can bring greater clarity and truth into our lives, grounding our dreams in reality.

You might notice power struggles or unfair treatment at work, leading to discussions about expectations, boundaries, and respect. These discussions can foster better communication and understanding or reveal red flags, signaling it might be time to move on or consult legal counsel to know your rights.

If you’ve been pursuing a career path that suddenly feels disconnected from your true self, Saturn retrograde in Pisces might be bringing this realization to the forefront. This period can create discomfort and conflict, signaling that you may need to make significant changes or embark on soul-searching. If you've been avoiding a creative project due to fear or self-doubt, Saturn retrograde can push you to confront these fears and start working on your passion.

If you've been using escapism, such as excessive daydreaming, substance use, or binge-watching shows to avoid dealing with real issues, this retrograde period can highlight these tendencies. Recognizing these patterns allows you to seek healthier coping mechanisms, such as mindfulness practices, exercise, talking to a mental health professional, or working with a coach.

Saturn stands as the stern father of the zodiac, while Cancer embodies the nurturing mother. Together, they signal a period of universal parenting and tough love. This time is about setting firm boundaries, making mature choices, and nurturing yourself through the challenging yet necessary processes of growth and transformation.

Cancer New Moon:

Cancer is the giver of the zodiac, representing our emotional security and how we nurture ourselves and others. It embodies the mother, our home and family life, and our early childhood emotional conditioning, affecting the balance of give and take in our relationships.

This Cancer new moon highlights the importance of listening to and validating emotions. When feelings are invalidated, it creates a disconnect with your emotional self and those around you. Cancer season and the Cancer new moon activate your instinctive need to feel safe and seek places where you belong. During this new moon, emotions are high as you renegotiate your needs and open your heart more deeply to what’s in front of you. Listening to and understanding your feelings is essential to identify your true needs.

When you reject, ignore, or judge your feelings, you invalidate them. Emotional invalidation can make you feel irrational, worthless, and unimportant. Sometimes, we unintentionally invalidate our own and others' emotions when trying to lighten a stressful situation with phrases like "it could be worse" or "everything happens for a reason." While well-intentioned, these statements can prevent the necessary processing and understanding of emotions.

Cancer can be prone to co-dependency, oversensitivity, and a victim mentality when out of balance. During this Cancer new moon, be mindful of its shadow: emotional manipulation, passive-aggressiveness, and overprotection. When balanced, Cancer is the ultimate mother figure, providing care while maintaining healthy boundaries and self-care. This new moon will intensify these themes.

The Cancer new moon urges you to make space for your emotions and others'. Cracks in your relationships, work, and home will surface, allowing you to make necessary adjustments for a stronger foundation. If these issues are not addressed, unresolved tensions may lead to persistent conflicts in relationships, increased dissatisfaction at work, or instability in your home environment.

New information may come through, which could be painful to hear—remember, this is a period of universal parenting and tough love. Cancer, ruled by Luna herself, is our Universal Mother, encouraging you to review past choices and make mature decisions in the present and future. The Cancer new moon opens space to heal and nurture yourself and others. Where in your body do you hold pain? Where in your body do you hold your emotions? Where in your body do you hold the pain of others? Take time during this new moon to feel and listen to your emotional body. If it needs to cry, allow it. Let the tears flow, wash over you, and cleanse your spirit.

The Cancer new moon invites you to experience rebirth and reorientation, bringing you back home to your body and true self. Our collective focus for this Cancer new moon is to rediscover how to nurture ourselves and others. How can you heal your emotional body? What do you desire to feel about yourself and your life? How can you heal the parts of yourself that cling to memories and emotions that separate you from feeling and resting in your body, emotional body, and spirit?

New moons are a perfect time to set intentions and plant seeds for a new cycle of growth. The intention for the Cancer new moon is to gently and lovingly surrender to the truth of what is and allow the mystery to unfold, guiding you forward like the waves of the ocean.

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