April 19th • Libra Full Moon

By Marie Satori

April 19th  •  Libra Full Moon

We have a full moon in Libra, Friday April 19th. It's the second full moon in Libra, two in a row. What's happening right now, is we're being tested in some way. Or, we may feel like we're being tested. The energetics is bringing our personal core values to the forefront. We are being presented with situations that are having us engage and re-evaluate our values. To see if we still agree with them. You'll find yourself in an experience, where it will ask you what is important in your life. Our values are going to be tested.


And by that, these experiences could be friends that gossip, an employer and their treatment, or a partner that may have taken actions in ways they are against your values.  Libra is also about partnerships, and the relationships we cultivate. The bigger energetics I'm seeing are legal. We may find ourselves either ending a legal cycle. For example, say you had a lawsuit, paperwork for a mortgage, ongoing contract for employment, or an application for a visa... this energetic shows of a long evolutionary process and journey that brought in doubt and personal growth. This example would have been something that took many cycles, months or more than a year. We are coming to that final completion (again, also see this as multi-month or multi-cycle process in regard to re-evaluating the partnerships in your life and your boundaries). It's also very possible that you are needing to resurrect a past legal action, or decision that you made in a relationship. This could be a decision surrounding a divorce, or if you weren't legally married it could be a business partnership where the agreement or decisions need to be honored, or a long-term relationship and there is some legal situation going on between the two. This could be a contract with a lease, an apartment, shared debt / credit card, something that if left unattended is unjust. This second full moon in Libra is shining a huge spotlight, onto our reality. We're finding ourselves waking up and saying, "oh my gosh, I put myself in this situation again" or feeling of internal frustration with yourself, that you're in an unjust situation. There's a lot of internal aggression, anger, defeatism, but all these words boil down to the energetic of feeling frustrated. Feeling as if you're trying to advance your life forward and you're being met with outside friction.


There is an irritation. Today, tomorrow, and the next couple of days we're trying to seek balance in our life - and some strong footing. We want equal treatment. We want equal opportunity and we might find ourselves leaning too deep into our frustration. We can ourselves being angry with our friends, family - there is a lot of lashing out energetic. Be as gentle as you can with others and yourself. Now, you may have some really beautiful moments in your life right now, however this moon is causing you to reflect on what is out of balance.


This full moon spotlight is awakening you to seek a just cause. It's possible that you're finding yourself being an activist or advocate for another.


Overall, there is this coming to terms and understanding with either the decisions you've made or were too afraid to make - because you were unsure of yourself.


This external and internal friction is asking you to either fight the past or move past the past - so you can start new. If I can advise you, there may be some protests, or extra vocalization with the people that are around us (yourself included). Be mindful of fights, arguments and speaking with a biting tongue. For some of you, this is a holiday weekend, be extra mindful of family discussions right now. The energy is a little bit more heated than usual. If you want to meditate to bring yourself to a place from neutrality that's fantastic. Some of you may really need to physically work it out by going to the gym. It's very important for you to find some tools right now. So be mindful of everyone having an internal war going on. It's not just you. Take the time this weekend, to find the tools and resources to course correct any unjust areas of your life. My best to you, and a happy Full Moon in Libra.


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New Moon in Aries

By Marie Satori

New Moon in Aries
“My potential to succeed is infinite.” Today marks the new cycle of the zodiac year and the change of the seasons. This month we begin a new process, of emerging deeper into Self and becoming more comfortable in walking in our own Authority. We ask, “How do I realize my best self?”⁣
Like all signs, Aries has both shadow and light. When we indulge in the Shadow side of Aries we can experience selfishness, impulsiveness, aggression, anger, violence, immaturity, forcefulness, and conflict. When we transition to the Light side of Aries, we can feel bold, courageous, independent, passionate, energetic, and inspired. Aries teaches us about our instinctual and inherent right to exist in this physical plane. ⁣
As we come out of a heavily Pisces lead chart over the last few months, lessons may have come up around boundaries, or lack of, in the way we move in the world and in relationships. We may have also been brought down to reality after expectations and illusions were shattered. Grief and anger is often what follows after we’ve dishonored ourself and our boundaries in some way, usually in the hopes of feeling accepted and loved. Somehow we decided that pleasing others instead of tending to our own needs would bring us the love that we desire. ⁣
Aries is all about coming back into our body, and discovering and negotiating the boundary between “me” and “them.” We are in constant conflict between our desire to connect with others, and our need to individuate, and be our own person. Healthy anger is an indication that we’ve forgotten our self. Aries reminds us that our needs are important and our desires deserve healthy expression. Humility and a “do no harm” approach in our path to getting our needs and desire meet is also vitally important. Balancing our needs with another’s is a dance to be approaching with curiosity, non-judgement and kindness.
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Tarot guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions

By Marie Satori

Tarot guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions
Tarot Guidance for the heart, relationships, self-love and personal evolutions 


Left - Judgement
Right - The Wheel of Fortune

Download audio - dropbox


I forgive myself totally and unconditionally. Everything happens for my highest good.

Judgment is the Universal wake-up call, asking us to shine light onto our past actions and come to a level of acceptance. So that we can move on, and move forward in life’s journey. Our past, or powerful feelings from the past, will resurface at this time. This could be memories of the past, or past actions that are catching up with you - or an actual face to face encounter. You’re being nudged to heal and address the emotions that were pushed down or avoided, as a temporary survival tactic. It’s also possible that you’re reflecting on past decisions, and “failures”. Perhaps you’re dwelling on life-goals that haven’t yet been realized or received information that has you coming to terms and mourning with avenues and possibilities that are now closed.

Some of you could also be reflecting on the way you use to live, nostalgic of a “home” and the lifestyle you had etc. All of this mental activity and reflection/living in the past is holding you back. It's healthy and natural to reevaluate your life; but make sure that you're not dwelling in what could have been.

It’s likely that you are trying to figure out “how did you get here?”. Even those of you who are celebrating positive moments or accomplishments currently - there are possible “survivor guilt” moments for past colleagues or weirdness of accepting success - or an imposters syndrome. You’re being asked to step into your authority and accept your accomplishments. You do not need to be perfect to be successful, or experience happiness.

If you haven’t let go of your past or currently dealing with past issues you will risk the relationships/career you are in, or a relationship/career you seek. You may be reflecting on a past relationship, friendship or career decision/mistake (even possible all of the above), and this reflecting is stealing your peace and attention from your current reality and possible future progress.

Overall, you may be experiencing a powerful feeling from the past, such as guilt or anger. It's possible that you are being asked to release this feeling before you can move on. You may revisit previous relationships in order to resolve this, by meeting up with a former partner/co-worker or in spending time alone to examine your deeper feelings. Do not judge yourself too harshly. You are meant to feel your feelings at this time.   Through this process, we are released and renewed.

If You Don't Heal What Hurt You, You Will Bleed On People Who Didn't Cut You.

Wheel of Fortune

Mantra:  "I am a Child of the Universe. I evolve with the seasons, I am in rhythm and in flow."

The Wheel of Fortune is just that, it is The Wheel of our Fate; and where we're introduced to causality (the relationship between cause and effect) and the hand of Fate. Where our past actions are leading up to our current reality. We find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision on how we would like to proceed forward with the constrictions and openings of our past actions. It's very possible that you're in a situation or finding yourself at a crossroads. Where it may seem as if things or a specific situation are changing rapidly, evolving - and you're finding yourself needing to make a decision. These decisions present themselves to invoke a change. Not only externally but also internally within you to help you - to help you move forward and further into your own personal development, and an evolution in your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional process. When it comes to relationships, we are being asked right now to elevate our perspective. To see what this relationship and current dynamic is teaching us. We are asked to lean deeper and take a sober look and refreshed perspective into the relationships we're cultivating and those relationships we're ignoring.

Who are we currently giving our power away to? Who are we currently giving our energy our attention to? Are these relationships fulfilling, does the energetic wheel turn and fulfill both Spirits? We're being asked to communicate and address boundaries. We're being asked to communicate and address our interactions and the chosen words we use to express ourselves. The way we communicate. The way we speak to others, we're changing, leveling up, evolving (or, we run the risk of backward evolution - reverting to old cycles). It's about changing and it's also about aligning into the current season. 

The Wheel of Fortune also speaks to the changes of seasons, and the changes of seasons in our relationships (work, family, personal, sexual, etc). We're being asked to look the environmental dynamics as they currently are, in this current season. We're looking at our relationships maybe some people that we have set up boundaries with we are actually be asked to tear those boundaries down, or open up the gates a little bit. Perhaps people that we are giving too much of our creative energy and attention, or our space away to - maybe the relationship dynamic has become lazy. Perhaps in this moment we're being asked to define some personal space, or give each person their own personal space within the household - or work environment. Most likely the communication and our relationship language between those people in our lives will need change. When I say "relationships", I mean all of them: our colleagues, our co-workers, our family members, our intimate relationships as well our partners and our children. The relationship dynamics are changing, evolving and in some cases ending.

Causality comes to the surface - you reap what you sow, you get what you give and the more you are in tune with the ever-changing dynamics between yourself and others, yourself and your environment, your input and output - the more aware and adaptive you are to seize opportunities when they arrive, shift directions and mindsets when necessary and release situations when they are no longer a benefit to your participation and evolution. When we align our nature with the Universe and trust in the process and unknown; a greater sense of peace can be had. For we take a conscious step to get out of our own way and allow … Often times, when faced with a challenge, our overthinking and worries complicate situations and our relationship dynamics further. You are being asked to lean in to trust and change; and deliberately make time for the things that light you up and help you feel in alignment and fulfilled. 


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April 2019 Moon Guide & New Moon in Aries

By Marie Satori

April 2019 Moon Guide & New Moon in Aries
  • New Moon Fri., 5th  • Aries
  • First Quarter Moon Fri., 12th  • Cancer
  • Full Moon Fri., 19th  • Libra
  • Last Quarter Moon Fri., 26th  • Aquarius
  • Download the Aries Lunar Journal - download
  • Download the wallpaper - download

An affirmation for the month of April is, “My potential to succeed is infinite.”

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognize and live your values, and to raise your emotional and physical energy.  Take the time to meditate, plan your strategies, and gather your resources so you can make the best of what the Universe has to offer you each month. 

Once you’ve have a picture of the challenges and openings to come, you can navigate each moment, and live in rhythm with the Universal energies that await you. As above, so below.

Get the Aries New Moon Lunar Journal & Workbook to read the New Moon in Aries write-up, horoscopes, rituals & intentions for each zodiac sign.


The New Moon, Fri. April 5th. marks the new cycle of the zodiac year and the change of the seasons. We are sooo ready to welcome the fire of this Aries season, to ignite us out of hibernation, and burn off the Mercury Retrograde residue. This month we begin a new process, of emerging deeper into Self and becoming more comfortable in walking in our own Authority. We ask, “How do I realize my best self?”

The full moon this April full moon has a couple of different names such as the sprouting grass moon or the Egg Moon which honors and symbolizes the cycle of birth death and rebirth. So the theme for April contains the energy of this cycle. This life cycle of birth death renewal rebirth and resurrection.  

If any of you are Catholic, we have Easter again with the egg and the resurrection of Christ. If you are Pagan, study or celebrate Pagan rites – this month we celebrate Ostara. The festival of Ostara falls around the equinox and is related to spring festivities that celebrate renewal, planting new seeds and fertility (the egg).  So what does the energy of the Pisces season like what did what did they have us let go of some people if not many people have discovered that there are pillars in their life that needed to either be completely burned away or our recharge for rebirth like a completely new image to it. What did the energy of Pisces season have us let go of? What areas of our lives did we discover need the fires of Aries to burn away, recharge or rebirth?

Aries not only embodies fire and strength, it also is associated with the Emperor of the Tarot. Also the natural ruler of the first house, the house of self. This month is gifting us the discipline, motivation and direction to take action if challenges do arise. We are called upon our inner strength and learnings, to find creative and sound solutions. The goal is to keep moving us forward; coming out of this hibernation of the Pisces season. We're moving forward. We're inspired we're ignited to rebirth ourselves. The Emperor also has resources at their disposal. Throwing in some pop-culture here, if you follow Game of Thrones, we have The Hand of the King. So again, surround yourself with others of authority and wisdom that you can look up to and seek guidance, when necessary. Surround yourself with others of authority and wisdom, and seek guidance when necessary.

Remember, “No man / woman is an Island, entire of itself; every man / woman is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main” or in other words, “Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.” (Proverbs 15:22 KJV).

What we're saying is, if you find yourself feeling stagnant or if you find yourself hitting a wall... Trust in your advisors. Trust in not only your ability and authority to come to sound decisions within yourself; also trust yourself that you make the correct choices in who you look up to and surround yourself with.

You have the authority of your life, in your decisions and in-decisions. You're in complete control of your thoughts and how you choose to respond to negative and positive events alike. So again, thinking of one who is of Royalty or a king. It requires a lot of discipline, and control of our emotions. We may need to plan accordingly. For example, say we want to respond to someone. However, in this Aries heated energy. There may be a lot of explosive emotions. You may need to play a bit of politics. You may need to have control of your responses or cultivate a very specific response. Again you are the master, and you are the king of your own domain. 

I welcome you to step into your authority and tap into your Royal strength this month.


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Channeled Tarot Guidance

By Marie Satori

Channeled Tarot Guidance

Inhale & Exhale • Clear you mind, and select which card calls to you (left or right). Listen to this 11 minute channeled message; which you can return to in the next few weeks.



Left: The Chariot
Right: The Queen of Wands

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[Channeled Message] Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & March Monthly Overview

By Marie Satori

[Channeled Message] Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & March Monthly Overview
Information I need to discover, will be uncovered.

Make sure you listen to both recordings.
Download both audio recordings - dropbox

Today we drift in the emotional currents of the Pisces New Moon, and Mercury Retrograde. We are asked to feel our feelings, and align our physical bodies with our Higher Intuition - allowing both to be carried in the Universal undercurrents, and guide us forward - or kick up the issues that we need to face - hand have buried in the ocean’s underbelly; or for some, to retrace our steps and return us to a place for revaluation & deeper understanding of our journey - for refined progress. It's very possible that we'll discover information or be pushed to face challenges that we've been pushing aside - and discover information not only about ourselves, we'll discover issues and information of close friends & family and those within our community. For a few, we will need to face our secrets affairs, dependency & addiction issues.

This time period is also good to reinvent ourselves. If you are looking for new career opportunities, or to present yourself in a new or artistic image - take this month to reinvent your personal brand and image. This can be you redefining your and organizing your social media & career profiles (LinkedIn,, etc.) and refining your resume & portfolio. Take this time as an opportunity to organize yourself and devote to yourself. On the other side of this, we will be rebirth in the waters of life.

Pisces New Moon & Mercury Rx mantra:
“What I need to know, will be uncovered.”⁣

March 2019 Channeled Message.
We have a lot of Piscean energy this month. Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces (Mercury Retrograde dates in 2019: March 5 – March 28) as well as a New Moon in Pisces the following day (March 6th). After checkout - you'll instantly receive an email with a link to access and download the 12 minute audio channeled message; which you can listen to throughout the month.

Pisces is also represented by the Moon in the Tarot; The Moon can often symbolize the dream time; as well as confusion. We are asked to balance reality and illusion; emotional need and practical stability. What is our projection, and where is the confusion or lack of focus in our attention? The moon is the layer of shadow and mist - and within the realm of all truths and lies; as we may see ourselves reflected back in the Moons mirror - however, is what we see clear or distorted? This month we are being asked to not make judgments through heightened, altered or distorted emotions.

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The Moon & The Hanged Man

By Marie Satori

The Moon & The Hanged Man

Left : The Moon

Right : The Hanged Man 

Left : The Moon
The moon is a mirror, she is a reflection of our self, fears and subconscious thoughts. She is only a reflection of our projections. The light of the moon is not a source of light, but a reflection of the light of the Sun (The light of the Sun warms us, and brightens our spirits). The moon is a cool light ... She is the light of our projected thoughts ... a light that is ever changing, and highlights the landscape of our path. Ask yourself what might you be projecting onto a situation that might not truly be there. Reconsider current areas of your life which you had thought were a source of nourishment and and warmth .. is a true source of light & nourishment, or are you projecting? When drawing the moon, we are asked to balance reality and illusion. What is our projection, and where is there confusion or lack of focus in our attention? The moon is the layer of shadow and mists - and within the realm all our truths and lies; as we may see our selves reflected back in the Moons mirror. We are also being asked to balance our intuitive information & what is showing up in reality. Often times there is a struggle between our intuitive “facts” and why we aren’t seeing this materialize in the “real world”. This can throw doubt, and create resistance in our own beliefs. Especially if we feel a romantic connection with someone and it isn’t “showing up” yet. Or, we felt or intuited that we would get a job, but we haven’t received the offer yet. This can be a period of time where we are stuck in the unknown. This is why it’s important to balance both dogs, the conscious & subconscious and walk the path with a balance of all information available to you. Even if what we are experiencing in life aren’t exactly as we feel or intuit - we need to keep engaged in life, balanced and moving forward. This is a time to be honest with ourself.
Right : The Hanged Man
Affirmation: I pause. I see situations from a different perspective.
The hanged man invites us to take pause, step back and witness the challenges we are facing (or life in general) from another perspective. Often times the best course of action during a challenging situation
problem from another angle. Sometimes life will force us slow down, if we aren't included to do so on our own for our own betterment - so I'm not surprised if some of you have recently felt as if you've been knocked on your ass. Why? So you can be turned upside down to be forced to take a hard look at your life / actions and see how else you can approach challenging situations / people differently as they show up. The Hangman also represents a moment of brief enlightenment - in where a spark of inspiration or knowledge is downloaded to you ... all you need to do first is sit in stillness, get the blood and oxygen to your head (do a handstand, or Yoga) and see what information gently comes to you ... after a brief period of pause.

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When will I get married? Exploring Soul Connections

By Marie Satori

When will I get married? Exploring Soul Connections

Many people ask me, "I'm looking for 'the one'!" Or, "When will I get married?" ⠀

When a client or a friend is asking the if's and when's of marriage. I often suggest to rephrase the question to:

“When will I find a foundation and true shared connection in partnership with the ability to merge our lives together in possibly marriage or our definition of life long partnership?” ⠀

🤔 Why?⠀

  • 💗 Some marriages end in divorce (or death). Marriage is the celebration & ceremony and not always the “partnership”. Some marriages can be less than 2 years - and the person finds their life partner in their second marriage or common-law (or after).⠀
  • 💗 Some people can have two very fulfilling multi-year partnerships / marriages in their life time.⠀
  • 💗 Relationships can be non-traditional⠀
  • 💗 It's puts too much pressure on a new relationship, or a not yet existing relationship.⠀
  • 💗Anxiety and friction can happen, for this new man / woman is "the one" ... and insecurities arise, "I've never felt a connection like this before."⠀
  • 💗 Being open minded to a non-traditional marriage and relationship. I have a few clients who have gotten engaged, and have kept with a 5+ or 10+ year engagement to not get married. Marriage is a ceremony and celebration, and you can possibly meet "the one" sooner than the date predicted of marriage.⠀
  • 💗 The truth is, in life we have a few partners that we can share life with as “the one” & “soulmate” …. I’ve seen this being no more than 3 opportunities, or choices in ones lifetime. ⠀

The core meaning behind The Lovers is a choice. Two people choose to live and navigate life in partnership. When we are able to face a big life choice, we grow. The power is in the choice and facing the decision, more so than the emotional connection.


“I accept myself and love myself enough to face big decisions.”

“Love, forgiveness and understanding is the very foundation of my relationship.”

Xo Marie

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