Email: Why can't I stop thinking about you?

Email: Why can't I stop thinking about you?

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Can't stop thinking about someone? Be it an ex, friend, co-worker, or a person of interest/intrigue, or even a situation left unresolved ... You can also schedule this as a phone session instead.

It is common to struggle with moving on from a past relationship (love, family, friendship, business), even when you understand logically that it is time to do so. One of the most common statements I hear from clients is "I know I need to move on, but I can't stop thinking about my ex, or ex-friend, or even an ex-work situation." This can be especially difficult after the first 6 months or years following the end of a long-term relationship. The challenge lies in disconnecting from the energetic or psychic connection that still exists between the two people. Though it is difficult, it is possible to break this connection and move on with the help of certain practices and techniques.

Discover the root connection and cause of your attachment
  1. Why can't I stop thinking about __name___?
  2. Is __name__ thinking about me, and what are their thoughts surrounding me and our connection (if any)?
  3. What is our connection and relationship (if any)?
  4. How can I go about gaining balance, and come to the center - so I am not as distracted by my thoughts and connection to __name__?
  5. If this is a work/business colleague or simply a friend or old friend - what is the pull and/or connection?
What information do I need from you?

At checkout, please provide your question along with the first name of the person. If you're asking about more than one person, order ONE question for each person. If you're going through a complicated divorce or separation, please book the Deep dive session.


"I did an email reading with Marie and she literally used the exact words that were used in the conversation I was asking about. "Just dropped in to say hi" - She also knew the EXACT action that was taken. Never surprised but always amazed"

"Dear Marie, Wow, this resonated with me deeply but it was exactly what I needed to hear. To the point and honest. Yes, I did end the relationship, due to behaviour and feeling doubtful about our mutual growth together. It is definitely hard to accept, but essential. I am doing well, but still held on to a glimmer of hope, despite knowing it was not the right timing.You are so gifted and again, I am overwhelmed by how deeply accurate everything you have said has been. Thank you so much for this amazing reading and for your time."


At checkout, please provide your question(s) along with the first name(s) of any people involved.

If you are asking about multiple people, each person you ask about is one question. Please order a 'Deep Dive' reading, or order the appropriate questions.

If ordering an career reading, please include your current career and your career goals. If you are in university, also mention your area of study and objectives, and if there is any challenge you'd like me to look into.

At checkout please provide your full name, birth date, and current city (where you are located, not where you were born), along with a detailed description of your situation, and intention.

Include the names and birth dates (or sun signs) of those involved, along with the current city they are in. More detail will help me serve you better.

If you have photos for the people involved, please send via replying to your order confirmation.

Email readings are delivered within 5 business days.

'WTF am I doing with my life?' and 'Deep Dive' readings take 10 business days (not including weekends or holidays).

WhatsApp 'Answers within 24 - 48hrs' provides a more interactive form of communication compared to email. You can send your questions via text or voice messages, and we can have dynamic back-and-forth chats or exchange audio recordings. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those in different time zones, as it eliminates the need to adhere to a specific appointment time, making it easier to order a reading despite time differences.

If you're wondering how often you should schedule a psychic reading, the answer is that it depends on your personal needs and goals. Some people schedule intuitive sessions regularly, seasonally or monthly to help them stay aligned with their path and purpose. Others may schedule appointments as needed, particularly during major life changes or when facing important decisions. 

Yes, I provide guidance and an understanding of what may manifest in the weeks, months, and years to come, based on your actions and thoughts (conscious and subconscious) and how they have a ripple effect into a specific future date. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

I have trained and practiced reading events to a date for years, but not all questions you ask will have answers with specific dates. Some events in life have a ripple effect that will show up at an exact date in the future, while other life events unfold in a more fluid fashion (within a time range). Additionally, some aspects of life that seem significant at the moment may not carry an energetic signature strong enough to impact the future (it's not as important as you think it is).

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