Workshop Energetic Communication


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This audio guide will guide you on how to communicate and send a thought or emotion  (telepathically & empathically) to another person (or living being: animal, plant). In this audio course, I will guide you and gift you the tools to unlock your gift of energetic communication. You can leverage this audio course to repair a relationship (breakups), establish or grow a connection, or communicate with someone whom you're either beginning a connection with or haven't spoken to in some time. As always, I hope this information will bring peace into your life, and help restore or establish an energetic connection with those whom you love.

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Section 1: Energetic Communication: Overview
What is energetic communication? As energetic beings, we are all connected, and gifted through this connection the art of energetic vibrational communication. The can be either Telepathic, or Empathic communication - and oftentimes using both to send a message to another person, or group of persons.


Section 2: Spiritual Connections: Why we sometimes can't stop thinking about someone.
You can experience a profound connection with someone, and yet it might not solidify into a relationship. Relationships are when two individual make a conscious agreement to co-create in life. Some connections are for soul growth. They are sparks to remind us we are energetic beings, and energetically connected. The more one resists the flow of growth, desiring relationship permanence, the more one finds themselves in a cycle of confusion and frustration.

Section 3: Energetic Communication: Mindful of Our Emotions
When we're wanting to connect to another person, and they are not yet open to receiving this information or this connection - it is very important to be both mindful of their boundaries, and your need to be heard / seen - you need to communicate in an energetically and emotionally neutral state.

Section 4: Energetic Communication: A Guided Meditation & Hypnosis to communicate with another
A guided meditation with hypnosis to train your inner mind and subconscious self, to send, receive and strengthen your energetic connection and send thoughts to another (at a distance). This meditation & hypnosis is a gift, for it truly works - if you commit to the work.

Intention or thought suggestions & prompts
Less is more! Keep the intention or thought short and simple

  • I love you.
  • I am open and receptive to hearing from you
  • Please call me

Intention or thought suggestions for animals
When sending a thought to an animal, think in visual terms. If you have a pet who has gone missing, visualize the intention as a mental picture of your pet coming through your front door.

Section 5: Energetic Communication: Why We Visualize
Even if you have challenges visualizing people, objects or places - I'll describe tips and suggestions on how to raise the correct vibration, and infuse it with the correct thought to send your intention and thought. 

Section 6: Telepathy - Overview & Step by Step Guide
Another way to connect with another, you can meditate on your own in a quiet space; in stead of using the guided meditation. To start, find a time that is 20 - 30 minute of when you'll be uninterrupted and when the other individual who you are sending a message to is sleeping. Where you'll be able to communicate with their inner mind and passive self. There is additional information in this track if you have challenges visualizing images.


Section 7: Once familiar with this process, it will be second nature
Once you become more comfortable and more experienced with invoking your thought & intention, and raising the appropriate vibration and infusing it with this thought and intention - you'll be able to do this almost instantly. For this practice will be similar to learning how to translate between two languages - once your body and mind become comfortable, it will become second nature to you. You'll be able to send thoughts while walking in nature, or driving - for raising the energy and sending the thought will be instant, for energy is instant.