Candle Magick & Rituals Workshop

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A Lecture And Workshop on Planetary Magick, Manifesting& Rituals
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“I am utterly blown away by your Planetary and Candle Magic program. There is SO much incredible information that I had no idea was available to me. My faves are the cleansing options and the manifestation rituals. There are so many details that I listened to it twice. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. It's like getting a PHD for my spirit. xo”

You can create change in your life. Either internal change within yourself or external changes to your environment - a successful business, healthy relationships or even releasing and uncrossing energies that do not belong to you. When you learn the magick the Universe and Planets have to offer, you'll discover how you can empower yourself to create these changes and clear energetic blockages.

The planetary energies are part of our Universe and dimension. We leverage and work with these existing energies to create change: either internal change within ourselves or external changes to our environment. We will discuss the Shadow and Light of Luna - and time our rituals to the rhythm, and different lunar phases of energy (the arising and materializing of living matter & energy, and the decaying and releasing of living matter & energy); and how to create sigils, adorn candles and time our rituals for the 7 visible planets which correspond to our 7 days of the week.

Suggestions for creating, clearing and cultivating an altar and Sacred Space. Explore magick for each day of the week. The candle color correspondence with the Astral Plane, herbs to keep on hand in the kitchen. Plus, necessary self-care and empowerment rituals for: ⁠

🕯Uncrossing (ritual to Mercury to clearing & remove blockages)⁠
🕯Pay me (ritual for Jupiter for debt repayment)⁠
🕯Solar Blast (ritual for Sol to boost your mood and vital energy)⁠
🕯Empress (ritual to Venus for love and abundance)⁠
🕯Lucid Dreaming (ritual to Luna to enhance your intuition) and more.⁠

As with most relationships, the more time you take to get to know someone’s personality, spend time nurturing an energetic bond and connection, the stronger the bond will be. This is the same when building an energetic bond, altar and spiritual connection with the planetary spirits.

You can also join the Workshop at

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