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[Meditation] Reclaim your power from a narcissistic relationship

By Marie Satori


I get a lot of messages from clients asking,

What do I do if I can't leave?
Is there any way to make them change? 

Perhaps the narcissist their lover (a lover you can leave, Paul Simon wrote a song on 50 ways to leave your lover - however if you need time to process your emotions before leaving, or build up financial security), or the narcissist is your boss and they need this job; or need to deal with their narcissistic boss until you have the time to find a new job. Perhaps the narcissist is your spouse, and you have children together. It's your mother, father, sibling and you can’t, just yet, in good conscience abandon them.

A relationship with a narcissist (be it work, love, family, friendship) can sap your self-respect and confidence, this meditation is going to help you reclaim that belief in yourself. Once you start to feel more confident, you’ll be more empowered to make the right decision, for you, on how you want to navigate or end this relationship.

The fact that you’re interested in this meditation means that you are experiencing two things:

1. You’re dealing with a narcissist (be it work, love, family, friendship)

2. You’ve been experiencing low self-esteem and confidence because of this narcissist, and need to empower your self-esteem and confidence so you can make the right decision, for you, on how you want to navigate or end the narcissist relationship dynamic.



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[Meditation] Stop Thinking About Someone

By Marie Satori



The best time to use this meditation is at night, before going to bed.

People often ask me about profound connections. The sense that they have met someone that “they’ve never felt a connection like this before” – followed by a deep confusion as to why then a relationship isn't manifesting, or why the relationship has fallen apart. Then, in the state of separation they find themselves still thinking about the connection or wondering “why am I still holding on?” or internalizing and wondering “what is wrong with me?”  that they haven’t yet experienced this sense of release. Don’t you hate when people say, “just move on!” Of course! If only it were that easy ...

We think and dream of others because we still feel the energetic connection, and believe there is still more to be learned from the relationship - even after it's over, or possibly on a pause.

Be it an ex, friend, co-worker, business partner, or a person of interest or intrigue - perhaps it's someone that has hurt you, or took advantage of your kindness?

There are relationship dynamics that confuse us, and leave us asking - what is or was the meaning of this connection?


The fact that you’re listening to this meditation means that you are experiencing two things:

  1. You’ve been repetitively thinking about a particular person

  2. You’ve been experiencing strong emotions about a person (be it attraction, heart break, longing, guilt, anger as examples) … the import thing is that your feelings about this person are triggering a compulsive though loop.


Perhaps you have a sense that there’s unfinished business between the both of you; and your stories are not over - perhaps you feel something needs to be resolved before you can move forward. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to accept what happened between the both of you in the past, and feel like things should be different from how they are now. Or, it’s possible this person cut communication with you cannot express or release these unsaid thoughts or emotions…

The deeply relaxing, and hypnotic part of this meditation is going to help you in three ways: first, it’s going to help you calm the emotional charge that is associated with this person, so you can feel more neutral, detached and objected.

Once a compulsive thought loses its emotional charge, it simultaneously loses all the power atone had over you, and ou naturally find yourself no longer thinking that thought. This does not break any energetic connection, or energetic cords between you and this person - this simply calms your mind.

Secondly, this meditation is going to send a powerful symbolic message to your subconscious mind that this is, for now, finished business, that you’re done with this person at the present moment, and you can begin living your life in this moment, no longer distracted by these thoughts.

And thirdly, this meditation is going to guide your attention in much more positive and fulfilling direction, so that you see new, exciting opportunities opening for you , in your future so that you can properly meet your physical and emotional needs in this moment.


Book a session: If you would like to look deeper into the spiritual connection? If you cannot stop thinking about someone; be it an ex, friend, or a person of interest or intrigue ... I can look at the spiritual connection, and discover the root connection and cause of your attachment and connection: Why can't I stop thinking about you?

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